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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Local Students Write Love Letters to Their South Sound Hometowns: Tacoma

Readers and South Sounders: Tacoma School of the Arts Humanities students are participating in writing "love letters" to their hometowns. The writing exercise combines creativity, editing, and getting the letters published. Join me in celebrating these students and their wonderful letters in the upcoming letter series featured on the In Your Neighborhood blog. Read on and enjoy!

Dear Tacoma,
    Your beautiful in every single way. Your humid summers, cold rainy winters and everything in between. Your downtown lights sparkling in the night and the cold winds blowing in your grass fields. Freezing harsh waves hit your rocks, as the pigeons fly by. People fluster around like no one is able to stop. This city never sleeps, this city never stops.
                    Alicia Owens, Student
                Tacoma School of The Arts

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