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Friday, December 10, 2010

Local Students Write Love Letters to Their South Sound Hometowns: Tacoma

 Readers and South Sounders: Tacoma School of the Arts Humanities students are participating in writing "love letters" to their hometowns. The writing exercise combines creativity, editing, and getting the letters published. Join me in celebrating these students and their wonderful letters in the upcoming letter series featured on the In Your Neighborhood blog. Read on and enjoy!

 Dear Lexington Street,
    You are the street I've seen from my earliest memory. My first knee scraping, my first burn when baking cookies with Grandma Dolly only to have the scar covered by an ironic smiley bandage. My mornings and evenings. My sun, my moon. Traveling to you seeing all the happy neighbors, chasing leaves on a rainy day down the street leading to the drain only to watch it disappear in my failed attempt to grab a hold of it. I've always been with you whether I lived with you or not. Now as I grow older I still see that curb I tripped over, that closet I slept in, the smell of fresh baked cookies and ocean breeze. An oddly wonderful mixture. I still hear the monkeys howling and seagulls flying. You have always been my home, even if it was just a visit to Grandma's house, I grew up here, the definition of home.
 Love, Alexandria Sipes
Student, Tacoma School of the Arts

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