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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Learning Experience

Sarah Paretsky, the author of the V.I. Warshasky Mysteries is teaching me a lot:
interracial relationships, effects of physical and sexual abuse on family members, the defensive ways abusers deny their activities and blame other people.

V.I. gets shot at, injured, and ends up spending time in hospitals... feeling the effects of her injuries later. And giving her male opponents a whole lot of bodily harm too.

I am enjoying having a heroine who gives sleuthing her best shot and endures the loss of credibility and friendships that happen when a woman decides to act in straight talking, assertive ways.

Her novel, Tunnel Vision, will keep you from getting those eight hours you deserve for a few days. I love you, Sarah Paretsky!

Here's a brief take on what she is choosing to do in her writing.

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