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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Local Students Write Love Letters to Their South Sound Hometowns: Ruston

Readers and South Sounders: Tacoma School of the Arts Humanities students are participating in writing "love letters" to their hometowns. The writing exercise combines creativity, editing, and getting the letters published. Join me in celebrating these students and their wonderful letters in the upcoming letter series featured on the In Your Neighborhood blog. Read on and enjoy!

 Dear Ruston,
                You are my childhood. You are imagination personified. You are the fountain from which blissful phantasmagoria and fantastic daydreams sprung forth in infinite supply, bubbling with whimsy and extraordinary characters. You are where I learned the meaning of family; where living harmoniously with so many people could make me feel unnatural in a quiet room, and still can to this day. You are Don’s Market –formerly known as Dean’s Market – in business for 84 years and counting. You are the housing of poorly crafted clubhouses, functioning as make-shift headquarters for 2 international secret agents wielding classified information and a license to kill. You were undoubtedly a catalyst in my bond with animals, encouraging the connection by providing me stray cats, possums, dying birds, and no less than 4 caterpillars named Henry which I killed on accident. You are sweet summer days at Owen Beach with snow cones and sand hills and hidden secret tunnels.
                But most of all, Ruston, you are 12 amazing years of unbridled innocence, happiness, and wonder. You are my home, and I miss you terribly.
Much love, forever and ever,
Katie Knoll, student
Tacoma School of the Arts

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