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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Closure of Dr. Martin Luther King Library

I stopped at the Martin King Library last night because I had heard that it was going to be closed. I wanted the librarians there to know that I appreciated how they had always welcomed me there and went out of their way to help me find books that would help me to grow intellecutually and emotionally. I found out then that the library would close for go on January 31.
So this grey Saturday afternoon I went back to the library to sit and think and just be. Silly, huh! Well, it's the best I could do... the library is one of those special places... I see many people, old, young, every race... working at the computers, getting books or cds or dvds...reading newspapers and magazines.
For four years I have been coming to the library...borrowing Walter Mosley and Robert Parker thrillers... checking out Nikki Giovanni and Langston Hughes poetry, delighting in Denzel Washington and Sidney Poitier films...feeling alive and proud and moved to put my best foot forward.So very proud to join others at this wonderful, warm place named after Dr. King.

I hear the closure is done... still I wonder what would happen if a whole lot of folks like me just took time to let folks know... our children, senior citizens, and people of all races love and need this library. I have learned a little bit more because of the librarians and the resources at the library how to be a proud, loving man. I really want this library to stay open and continue challenging us to become thoughtful and compassionate citizens.If we do not know where we have come from, we shall not be able to discover where we need to go from here!
If you would like to let your interest known, contact: Media Relations: David Domkoski, 253 591-5688, ddomkosk@tacomapubliclibrary, org, and/or Suden Odencrantz, Library Director, 253-591-5606,

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Anonymous said... is a great resource. There are many other similar options available online as well... As far movies with Denzel and Sidney Poitier, I love them so much I think it's worth getting a blockbuster membership and actually paying to rent their movies.