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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Game Time

I have always loved basketball. From the time I was a chubby grade schooler who always sat on the bench to the wonderful days in Sheridan, Oregon, when I used to play passing guard with other young mean training to become Jesuits. My greatest moment... being applauded by Bellarmine High School students here when I tried to make a jump shot from the right side and missed to that low moment in Spokane when I faced off against a young man, ten years my senior, a foot taller than I, who just plouged over me and quickly ended our one on one game, 12 to nothing.

Last night I enjoyed being with parents and other teachers at the Bellarmine's women's high school basketball team fought its way to a very tough victory... lots of defense, Bellarmne High and Olympia High folks going head to head in a game where the score doesn't reflect the tremendous defense, the passing and running and cool headed free throwing of both teams.

Thoughtful, fast moving, and sweet shooting game. I loved it...

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