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Friday, June 27, 2008

Tacoma Waldorf School Benefit Sun. June 29th.

Jazz Musette is a family band. Our drummer, T3, is the son of our bass-player, Bebop, and our back-up vocalist (when she's able) is my daughter Anna. We'd like to invite you all to a family-friendly gig at Jazzbones this Sunday (June 29th.) in support of the Tacoma Waldorf School. It's a great school, with great heart and very involved parents. You can check out this website for their educational philosophy.

The doors will open at 6pm and the cost is $15 for admission, part of the proceeds benefitting the kids. We'd like to thank Jazzbones for their community spirit! If you would like to support Waldorf's endeavor, have a Sunday dinner out complete with show, and meet a few of our Blogonias from "In Your Neighbourhood," come and join us for the fun. Join us for the kids and parents of the Tacoma Waldorf School. It's about family.


Stephanie Frieze said...

Break a leg, Jazz Musette! I hope we see film at 11.

Lorraine Hart said...

Thank you Stephanie!

Perhaps we'll see you at "Sounds of Skansie" in Gig Harbor, Aug.19th. If you're not out at the ocean, bring the family and a picnic dinner. It's my fave-rave admission price....FREE! at eleven...wonder if Joseph Scorcese is coming...if he does, I want you to remember that the camera adds...oh...thirty-five pounds...yeah...that's it...that's my story...and I'm stickin' to it!!

Kim Thompson said...

I'll see you there Lorraine with Mom and Erin in tow!

Lorraine Hart said...

Awright Kim...three generations, I'm honoured!

I have a wardrobe full of clothes...and nothing to wear!!