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Friday, June 13, 2008

Bombay Bistro

Anita and Kamal Walia transformed an old, long-vacant deli at 6th & Stevens, in Tacoma (across from a 24-hour Walgreens) into Bombay Bistro. It is a vision of delight and gastronomic appeal; both the food and decor are delightful. The transformation is so complete it is the equivalent of stepping into another world.

Bombay Bistro has been open for about nine months now and if you have not yet sampled the savory Indian cuisine, put it on your "To Do" list this summer.

Lunchtime features a buffet. Dinner is ordered from the menu, which gives the authentic name of each dish, but also a detailed description in English.

The Chai tea is served piping hot in ceramic cups with saucer and spoon, and even packets of raw sugar to stir into it.

The exotic aromas, pungent spices, curry, and more will intrigue your senses. There is an entire page of the menu filled with vegetarian selections. If you are a non-vegetarian consider the Tandoori Mixed Grill, which is served as a sizzling platter that includes seasoned lamb, chicken, shrimp, and veggies. (see photo)

The service is attentive and professional. Elegant touches include chandeliers, linen napkins and table cloths, Mikasa serving dishes and flatware, and water goblets. Everything is spotless and glistening.

After dinner enjoy a succulent dessert: mango, coconut, or pistachio ice cream.
Bombay Bistro is a treat for all of the senses.


Nezbine said...

I'm glad to hear it's improved. When we went months ago, the food was oddly flavored (not authentic-tasting) and the service worse than iffy. When I asked for a box for one item, the waitress said okay and then SET ANOTHER PLATE IN MY FOOD. When I complained, she said she was going to take it off when she got to the kitchen, and then box the food she had just CONTAMINATED. Like I want to eat that. She insisted she does it all the time and nobody ever said anything before.

JosephMcG said...

Beautiful pictures... food looks wonderful

simplybcuz said...

I had dinner there the other night and I was completely impressed!! Not only was the food amazing but, the staff was very helpful and professional. This by far is the best Indian Food in Tacoma!!

eric said...

Getting to the point of finally being able to leave a blog is almost too much hassle.

We finally went to the Bistro last week. As far as the authenticity of the food of such a huge and varied country as India, I can't say, I've never been there.
The service was very good and freindly, eager to please.
The food was an absolute oral orgasm! We were greatly impressed and enjoyed it much.