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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Getting a Jump on Summer

The View From My Porch

It’s foggy on my porch this morning with that sea mist that although delicate is able to make the grass too wet to mow. That will have to wait until the afternoon.

I’ve come here to my porch and haven by the sea early this year. The school year ended abruptly without the usual ritual of hugs from the students and organizing my desk. My mother, who lives six blocks away, is ill and in the hospital which is conveniently located across the street from her apartment. After 23 years cellulitis has struck again. That time my mother nearly died and spent a month in the hospital fighting the combination of strep and staph. They never did find the entry wound. They haven’t this time either, but at least it was caught early but not because of my mother’s vigilance—because of a sharp eyed fireman who answered the call when she toppled over Friday night. The fall did not hurt her but the Spirit was intervening to get her the help she would not seek for herself.

So the view from my porch is wet this morning. Down the street the neighbor has his big Ram truck for sale. Good luck on that. Unleaded here is $4.39. We won’t be running to Astoria willy nilly this summer. I haven’t been here long enough to tell if there are fewer tourists here this year. It’s early in the week. We’ll have to see what the view is like by the end of the week.

The lawn needs mowing, but will have to wait until/if the fog burns off. The predicted high for today is 57. Has anyone told Mother Nature that Summer begins Saturday?


Lorraine Hart said...

I love that pathway, Stephanie!

I'm glad to hear that your mum is not as bad as you thought before going. Three cheers for the sharp-eyed fireman!

I'm sooooo glad you had a chance to drop by on your way out. I hope your mum is home soon...and we can look forward to the view from your porch, regularly. Lox

JosephMcG said...

You and your mother are in my prayers...
I am so delighted she has a loving daughter

Stephanie Frieze said...

Actually, Lorraine, that picture is old. There's another coming in from the left now and that triangle area will be my garden, a work in progress. Thanks for the seeds, by-the-way. Hollyhocks were my dad's favorite because he grandmother had them in her garden.

The mist has really settled in so it looks like Monday is definitely laundry day except I can't hang it out as I so like to do.

Hopefully my new camera will arrive and my husband bring it this coming weekend. Then I will get some shots of the garden.

Thanks for your prayers. I talked to my mother a little while ago and she slept well and is feeling much better. Hopefully they will get her up and moving around soon and she will be sitting with me on the porch.

JosephMcG said...

I can't think of a better way to start recuperating... sitting outside with someone I love and who loves me...
Stay strong

Kim Thompson said...


I am happy to hear your mom is doing okay. I suspect the view from your porch is quite the salve right now. You know, even though the Blog Squad isn't physically there, we are sitting on the porch in spirit, right along side you.


Stephanie Frieze said...

Mother is still in the hospital, but I've told her she needs to get well quick so she can sit on the porch and yes, that will be the best salve.

Thanks, Blog Squad!