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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Key Peninsula Middle School Honored as School of Distinction

According to a news release today from Intel Corporation of Santa Clara, CA, Key Peninsula Middle School is being awarded one of Intel’s School of Distinction Awards for 2008. The Intel Corporation honors six schools each year with the Intel Schools of Distinction Award. Awards are presented to the top schools in the nation in the categories of science and math for elementary, middle/junior high, and high school.

…The annual awards recognize U.S. schools that implement innovative math and science programs and serve as role models for other schools. The Intel Foundation and sponsoring companies distribute $1 million in grants and awards to winning schools.

“Math and science skills are more important than ever, both to an individual’s success and our country,” said Brenda Musilli, Intel’s director of education. “Each winner of a 2008 Intel Schools of Distinction Award has demonstrated a successful commitment to math and science results. Not only do these schools offer solid curriculums and wonderful faculties, they succeed in integrating math and science throughout the curriculum so students constantly see ways to apply them.” One elementary, one middle and one high school are chosen as winners in each of the two categories from hundreds of applicants across the country (Intel).

Way to go KPMS!


JosephMcG said...

Let's hear it for the Parents, Faculty, Staff... and the KIDS OF KEY PENINSULA

Lorraine Hart said...

Alright! Did you know that the kids from this school made a quilt, after 9/11, which became part of the official gift from us to NYC? It hangs proudly in a NYC firehouse.

Another honour for the school...and another cheer! Thanks Stephanie.

Kim Thompson said...


Stephanie Frieze said...

The parents and teachers of KPMS have every right to feel proud of their school and community. By being recognized out of all the middle schools in the country they raise the bar high for school district and Puget Sound Area.