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Friday, June 6, 2008

RFK's Last Journey

Last night KUOW, Seattle’s NPR station, broadcast a Bobby Kennedy speech that sounded as relevant now as it did a few weeks before his death. As the funeral train bore him home, Americans paid their last respects to Robert Kennedy and what might have been.


Lorraine Hart said...

NBC Nightly News showed some footage from '68 last night...I think I went through an entire box of kleenex.

Friulana said...

I am a new reader to this blog. While I appreciate waxing eloquent on "RFK's Last Journey", with appropriate sniffling from Lorraine Hart, I am deeply saddened that neither one of you remembered D-Day and the courage and sacrifice of the thousands of nameless heroes, but chose instead to post about someone who made a slight dent in America's history.

First-Generation American

JosephMcG said...

Thank you for writing and speaking so deeply about one human being who gave me hope... Lorraine, I do not see you sniffling... I thank you for affirming what is best about America... a human being who wanted to help us get beyond bullets and bombs

Stephanie Frieze said...

Friulana, you are very right about D-Day and the fact that those brave men are dying daily. I believe that in this time of economic and political restlessness it is natural to look back on a man who was taken from us during a similar time and who had the potential to make a difference.