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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tacoma, You're So Weird When It's Hot

Tacoma, when it gets HOT, you get weird. Case in point. I went out for a walk late this morning. Here's what I saw:

A young, buff guy running along at a good clip, shirtless, sockless, but wearing a ski hat! Advice: It's hot out. Dude, what's the deal with the hat? A baseball cap or a little thin beanie--cool. Ski hat? Wrong season.

Young children who dressed themselves in seasonally INAPPROPRIATE wear. Kiddos, aren't you roasting in your sweatshirts and jeans? Advice: It's hot out. Parents--I know you want your children to be independent. I know you probably think, well, if they dress dumb for the weather, they'll learn. I get it. But c'mon, intervene! Particularly, if you have a regularly contrary and/or senseless child. (I know, I have one).

Ladies, you love your tank tops and the spaghetti strapped sundresses. Great. But girls, seriously, if you are "endowed" I don't really want to see that or know about it. Advice: It's hot out. I get it. You love your summer wear. But summer wear tends to be in thin, guazy or sheer fabrics. Get some support under there, girls. Trust me.

Gentlemen, why are some of you wearing leather belts to belt your shorts and tucking your shirts in tightly? Isn't that uncomfortable and sweaty? And what's the deal with the tube-style socks with shorts? Advice: It's hot out. Consider a breezy shirt and skip the belt? (Of course, I hate belts, so this advice is probably not sound). Please lose the tube socks. There are so many other options.

It's hot out. You know what? Who I am to offer advice? I am too warm to care. Tacoma embrace summer. Do whatever and enjoy.


Lorraine Hart said... all the generations before...we jus' gits nekkid in Home!!

JosephMcG said...

I only have tube socks... if I buy some other type, I shall have less money for my cold expressos...
Sorry, Kim