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Friday, June 20, 2008

Hot Times In The Summertime

School's out for the summer for my Lil' Bitty Gritizens! As promised in my previous post, the kiddos and I celebrated Grit City style with a kid-requested trip to downtown Tacoma. We lunched at the Harmon Brewery and Restaurant. Stuffed with pizza (my girl), chicken strips 'n' tater tots (my boy), and a veggie burger and signature fries (me), we shimmied down Pacific Avenue to Hello, Cupcake for dessert (I got a perfect dozen of a mish mash of vanilla and chocolate combinations and a couple of red velvet cake variations for good measure). We slowly plodded up the hill to the car, full and warm in the refreshing sunshine.

I love going to downtown Tacoma. My daughter in her crazy Hawaiian dress, my son in his mismatched shorts and tee, pretend-flying his Star Wars toy X-wing fighter down Pacific Avenue, and me, giggling in my head at all the varieties of fashion on the street. Some folks were BUNDLED up in coats, rain gear, long pants, and sensible shoes (poor things haven't recovered from Junuary). And then there were the sun-folk wearing skimpy tank tops, multi-hues of flip-flops, and barely there mini-skirts. I even saw a young guy wearing the tightest pair of jeans I've ever seen on a human being. EVER.

And all the while, traveling home,the kids snoozing in the back seat, I listened to the smooth tunes of the lively, local, eclectic KUPS 90.1 FM. I didn't recognize any of the music, but I love the intro to one dreamy song: "When you've burned everything down, it's time to set yourself on fire." Then the wispy voiced singers started singing about lost love.

Only in Grit City.

Happy first day of summer, y'all.


Lorraine Hart said...

Oh I love your Gritty enthusiasm and strength! Managing downtown, with two fresh out of the summer starting-gate kids on a warm day...much respect! That you managed (with the keen eye of a journalist) to note the tightest pair of jeans EVER...well awright!!

Kim Thompson said...

Hey, Lorraine!

Thanks sweetie. My kids love downtown and tend to do well in a city environment.

And these jeans were like SKIN. I thought they'd burst any moment!


kinsmed said...

Congratulations (he said dryly).
Twice I've tried to go to "Happy Cupcake" during business hours and twice it's been closed.
That's okay.
My New Year's resolution was to limit my weight gain to 30 pounds anyhow.

Kim Thompson said...

My dear Kinsmed:

Yeah, I've heard about the weird closures. I sympathize. However, I am currently indulging the red velvet cupcake and I am in nirvana! Dude, it's worth the wait.


JosephMcG said...

Veggie burger and fries...well, moving on... I'm glad you and the kids had such a great time...

Kim Thompson said...

Oh, Joseph, veggie burgers are divine! I've been eating them for many years! I'll bet if you tried one you might like it.

JosephMcG said...

It's the combo that got me...
veggie burger... AND FRIES

Veggie burger keeps my doctor happy.. (I just shake my head and ask God to keep me smiling)

Fries??? every bit of cellulite in me wants me to "Reach Out And Touch"

and I... just sigh at seeing those well oiled, full of salt fries...
and then I CRY