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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer Arrives at the Beach

And the Weather On My Porch

It’s a beautiful morning at the beach. The wind of yesterday has died to a breeze and the Sun is casting her light down the Columbia; catching on the bluff above Ilwaco. Her shine has not yet reached our yard so I’ve got the water going on my new lilacs. If you step out into Elizabeth Street you can see the Sun shining on the boats in the harbor. It is still quiet enough to hear their engines start and growl out of the basin toward a fishing day. The birds are waking up and having breakfast on my lawn. At least this year I kept them from building nests around the porch. I love the little things, but do not like having to scrub the pooh off the porch!

Nine times out of ten, if it is sunny here it is also windy. Yesterday it was a bit excessive with the Wind swirling around my L-shaped porch and whistling like it was winter. My new hanging basket took a thrashing. If the wind remains as still as it is right now it will definitely reach 80 today. Yesterday the wind kept the temperature in the low 70s which was perfect for yard work.

JR has not arrived yet to work on his place across the street this morning. Yesterday I wandered over and found out what they are up to. They are selling out most of their property and moving to Yuma, AZ. The only portion they are keeping is their little rental apartment and the big pink garage they are turning into “a beach hut.” This winter he told me they fell in love with Yuma. So far JR, who is a contractor, has built at least three houses they expected to live out their days in. They plan to sell them all including a large one on the bluff over the harbor and move to the desert. I confess to not finding the desert so enchanting and certainly nothing compared to the ocean, but many folks retire there. Just last winter my cousin and her husband bought a place there. I am glad JR and his wife are keeping their property across the street and that we will catch a glimpse of them during the summers.

I don’t believe that there are near as many tourists on the Peninsula as past years. There are only five cars at Heidi’s Motel down the street. Perhaps they are just waiting for the Fourth of July. There is plenty to do here for the fourth. Ilwaco will have food, music and fireworks on the 5th. Long Beach has a big fireworks display on the beach on the evening of the fourth and Ocean Park has a parade and fair during the day. One of the realty agencies goes around the Peninsula the night of the 3rd like the 4th of July bunny leaving a little American flag in everyone’s yard.

Last night was a good evening on the porch. It was the warmest evening since I arrived here and I could hear a party going on up the hill where a new house is being built. We do have to be mindful of mosquitoes and I had the citronella candle burning. There is marsh area near enough to breed them, but most come from my neighbor Rose’s yard where there is a little old pond. I need to go on a commando raid with the cooking oil. I have compassion for most creatures, but not mosquitoes and the itchy bumps their feasting leave behind.

But just now I have a long list of things of things to accomplish. Tomorrow I will have company on the porch and there’s plenty of cooking, straightening, dusting and vacuuming to be done not to mention the four more bags of Uncle Malcolm’s Weed Wompin’ Mulch I purchased yesterday. Thanks for stopping by on this pretty morning.


Kim Thompson said...

Thanks for having us! Nothing is better than the summer weather on the coast! Enjoy!

Lorraine Hart said...

Even though it's warm...I'll still have a cuppa tea on the porch with you!

Such a lovely postcard from Ilwaco arrived in my mailbox today, thank you! :-)

I agree...I'd have a hard time leaving the coast for the desert.

Well, better get my backside off this porch and back to Home...see ya next time!