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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

They Were Sittin' On Top of the World...Nearly

The Neighborhood’s Mizu turned me onto Grandma Lorrene’s Pet Peeves blog several months ago. Grandma L. is in Yakima and she writes about her family, her life growing up in Oklahoma, and whatever she happens to be up to.

I liked Grandma L’s style well enough to put her on my favorites on my View From My Broom blog so I keep pretty close tabs on what is happening in her world. Recently she posted a picture and announcement for the engagement of her granddaughter Laura. When another granddaughter asked in a comment if the happy couple was going to get married on the bridge, Lorrene responded that the engagement had happened on the bridge. I assumed it was a bridge in Yakima. Wrong my fellow South Sound folks. Our Neighborhood stretches to Yakima. Lorrene has a connection to the South Sound. Check out exactly where Laura and Terry got engaged.

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