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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tacoma, I Am So CHEESED

After primarily visiting the Proctor Farmer's Market this season and getting organic produce delivered from Terra Organics, I finally made it to the downtown Tacoma Farmer's Market this last Thursday morning. The market was great (as usual), lively, and bustling with customers, vendors, gawkers, families, and downtown business people. I made my traditional purchases at my favorite farm, Terry's Berries LLC (delicious red and golden raspberries and a variety of summer squash), got my daughter's traditional snow cone purchase (bubblegum flavor), and got some fresh crusty bread from a local baker.

Then I got totally CHEESED.

Not the cheesed of slang (mad, P-O'd) but literally I fell in love with the beautiful cheeses being sold. Various goat cheeses and artisan cheeses abounded from a bunch vendors. And the samples flowed generously. I stopped at one vendor where I sampled a cheese variety that had the taste of a buttery, melt in your mouth, mild white cheddar. This particular cheese was able to be melted easily or sliced for a beautiful cheese plate.

One bite--sold!

Now, I'd plug the vendor normally, and will, alas in the future. We devoured the product so fast and the wrapper got thrown in the bowels of the recycling bin.

Variety seems to now be the spice of all the local farmer's markets. For this localvore (perhaps, Tacomavore), what a treat.


Stephanie Frieze said...

I haven't made it to the Thursday Market yet this season, Kim, but now you've got my juices flowing! Thanks for the tasty post.

Kim Thompson said...

You're welcome. I am very pleased to see how the markets are doing more of a "one stop shopping" approach. I mean, you can literally buy a WHOLE meal from appetizers, to salad fixings, to main courses, side dishes, and dessert, plus flowers for the table.

I also think the prices are very good this year, too.

Lorraine Hart said... cheese!

When I was a starving artist, I would have a lunch of cheese samples, and then buy a wee bit of whatever I could afford to say thank you. I never eat I don't think I was cheating.

Add a bustling market in Key Centre on Saturday to the great list.