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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Meet Tacoma's Newest Gritizen, Kona Thompson!

Hello, Neighborhood!

I'd like you to meet our new addition, Kona Thompson. This tiny little five pound three ounce Gritizen officially came home, this last Saturday. She is a border collie pup who was born in Spokane (we won't hold that against her, hee, hee). She was born to mom, Sara, and dad, White Diamond Pete. She has one sister and three brothers. Now she has a new adoptive mom and dad and new siblings! She is adjusting nicely to her new home and new family.

As the mama, it's been hard work, but I don't mind so much. I like Kona's disposition and these are one of the few breeds that don't make my allergies run wild (and yes, those who know me well, know my allergies are notorious). I've had some minor skin irritation,but that's it. No runny noses, nothing. I am doing well.

The kids were so excited to get her (her "dad" too). Lots of anticipation, discussion, you know the drill. The kids were kind of helpful at first, but now, well, they are pretty useless caring for the dog. But their hearts are in the right place (I think) and we need to be more organized in the dog's care (e.g. MOM does NOT do everything). We are getting there, albeit slowly. I think my poor pups (the kiddos) didn't quite realize how much work a pup is and were a little shocked. Today, I wanted to use (no, HAD to use the bathroom). The second I closed the door, both kids are yelling, "MOM! Kona is chewing on the chair, do something!"


Thankfully, we've had little indoor damage, and the pottying stuff is going much better than I thought. Just a few accidents, but not bad ones. I feel pretty lucky really.

Now, let's wager if I'll change that statement by tomorrow.

Hot diggity dog!


Stephanie Frieze said...

Welcome, Kona, you pretty girl!

Lorraine Hart said...

What a beautiful little girl!! Congrats to the family and to Kona, for finding the bestest family!

Cannot stress enough, learning the dogs' language...get Cesar Millan's books and DVD's...sooooo good! It's really important that all of you are the pack leaders...calm and assertive...claim the space....claim the toys...the food...dogs really understand this..and the language of our energy. Kids are often better at this than adults 'cos they don't have so many psychological blocks to communicating with energy. Tell me what kid doesn't know mum is not pleased, without a word being said!

When she gets bigger maybe we can have play-dates...the side yard is the play-pen...complete with K-Mart kiddies pool for these hot days.

Border Collies have incredible energy and need to get that out, or they become very hyper and schizy. They are watch for that with the kids and nix the nips on ankles etc. right from the get-go.

It's a family needs to keep working...not just mama!

Still can only pop in and out at the whim of the trolls...and the Krispy Kable on the Key! xo

Kim Thompson said...

Oh a play date would be lovely when the little one has all of her shots.

I have been reading Caesar's blog. I am liking what I have read so far and we are all incorporating the techniques. As of tomorrow, Rick is on staycation for awhile and we'll get the family routine and schedule down.

Yes, borders are energetic! And we are too. Also, the heel nipping is being worked on as we speak. So far, so good.


One of the Pack Leaders.