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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Reading

I always have a tall stack of books waiting to be read. For me summer is an opportunity to read that I don’t get the rest of the year. Just being out of school doesn’t mean I have no responsibilities, but I manage to get in a book or two of summer reading. Our Neighbor Kim has said that she’s reading Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable and Miracle this summer. I’m just finishing up Tom Brokaw’s The Greatest Generation Speaks, the sequel to his first Greatest Generation book. What are you reading this summer?


Kim Thompson said...

I love the book I am reading. It's very insightful. Actually, beyond insightful. Before this book, I read "A Lesson in Dying" by Ernest Gaines (cried at the end). Then I read some Candace Bushnell ("One Fifth Avenue") for some lighter fare. Wicked NY stuff. I read "Three Cups of Tea" and that was amazing. Now I finally feel I "understand" Pakistan and Afganistan.

Next up: "In Defense of Food An Eater's Manifesto" by Michael Pollan.

Kim Thompson said...

P.S. My husband LOVED the Brokaw book!

Stephanie Frieze said...

I loved Three Cups of Tea and thought it would be a great movie. I believe that is in the works now.

Didn't you feel like you'd visited with the Kingsolvers? It made me want to call them up and invite myself over. I want their life.

On the recommendation of our librar assistant I just started Twilight. I enjoy fluff in the summer.

Kim Thompson said...

A movie? Didn't know that. That would be very cool and doable. A friend of mine (and my old boss back in my corporate days) was on the board of CSA and is a friend of Greg's.

I love the Kingsolvers. I suspect if I visited them, I'd slowly start moving in.

My friend read all of the Twilight series. She really enjoyed it!

Lorraine Hart said...

Cable problem seems to FINALLY be fixed...I've missed the neighbourhood!

I read two difficult but brilliant books just recently. The first was "A Thousand Splendid Suns" by the same chap who wrote "Kite-Runner" and followed two Afghani women lives. The second was "Wolf Totem" by Jiang Rong, translated from Chinese...this one had me weeping. So many lessons in both...hard lessons.

The only way to recover...was to immediately devour Kurt Vonnegut's "Slaughterhouse Five" and "Sirens of Titan."

Now I have to get new glasses!

Stephanie Frieze said...

Welcome back, Lorraine! A Thousand Splendid Suns was even better than Kite Runner, but both of them were difficult because of the subject matter.