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Sunday, July 26, 2009


I hope you enjoy this picture of part of the wonderful garden my two college friends have developed in front of their home.
I had known deep inside that the time we would share, after more years than I want to remember, this weekend. I expected that our conversation would be very deep and that I would find myself enjoying the company of two wonderful people and I would find myself thinking that the separation we had experienced over all those years would in no way block us... and that I would find that time and distant would not in any affect our relationship. Rather I would find myself thinking that, really, we had been talking to each other frequently over those years.

We spent some wonderful hours sharing stories here, at the back of their home.
I quickly settled in, and I enjoyed listening and being listened to by my friends. We had faced many challenges, and the ups and downs of our lives kept us visiting until late in the evening.

Early Saturday afternoon my friend grilled some very tasty hamburgers for his wonderful wife and me.
Saturday evening we had a great time dining out. The food was very good. The conversation...priceless! Sunday morning... tasty food, and the conversation continued.

And always, I could see the Sound from their back porch. I came home refreshed and feeling very, very alive.

Any refreshing moments you would like to share....!!!!???


Stephanie Frieze said...

There is nothing more energizing than spending time in the company of dear friends. Lovely pictures for a lovely day.

Jaynie Jones said...

A lovely vision of serenity...