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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beyond the Borders (and all the way to Home)

And now a word from our own lovey Lady Lorraine, who due to technical difficulties beyond the cable company's control, is currently unable to post for herself.

Beyond The Borders 2009

It’s that time again! The world is about to come to Longbranch…with music, food, a beer and wine garden, Arts & Crafts, Free-Trade World goods for sale, and a juried art show with a People’s Choice Award. Yes folks, it’s the third annual “Beyond The Borders” Festival at the Longbranch Improvement Club, this Saturday, Aug. 1st. This event is the brainchild of Mark Runions (my pianist, great photographer, salty sailor and all-round swell guy!) and supported by the Two Waters Arts Alliance, along with the LIC.

If you’ve been reading here, IYN, long enough…well, you know this is one of my favourite events of the summer. I will never forget Kim’s son’s warrior-dance to the drums last year; he worked-up the crowd, alright! This year promises to also be something very special.

The first band up for the day, starting at 12:30pm, will be the Erev Ravs, a Klezmer band with that something special. Shall I tell you what that something…or rather, someone…will be? The guitarist, Daniel Landin, is a son to me. He’s a good friend and former band-mate of my son’s, from NY. I’ve watched this man play since he was in high school…and he gave me goose-bumps then. Then I watched him grow into a man of good spirit, heart, and flying fingers.

As I write this, my son is driving across Montana, on his way here, and looking forward to Saturday’s reunion with Daniel. It makes me smile to think of it! If you’ve never heard Klezmer, a joyous sound, be prepared for it to be kicked-up a notch to start the show.

At 2pm, the Pacific Northwest’s beloved son, Neil Andersson (of Pearl Django fame) and Peter Pendras are set to give us a little something they call, “Malibu Manouche.” I know I’m going to want to dance when I read the poster’s description, “Gypsy jazz meets surf guitar!”

Jami Sieber takes the stage at 3:30pm. Here we have some World Music, with electric cello, vocals and percussion. We will certainly be cooking by then…and reapplying sunscreen!

At 5pm Sambatuque rounds out the show with Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Cuban music. I know I’m going to be in trouble with my hips by then. You can talk to hips and tell them to behave all you like…but all they hear and respond to is rhythm!

In the breaks between bands you can peruse the goods and the Artworks while you listen to the Washington Association of South Sound Ukulele Players and our wonderful, local drum ensemble. Ooh…don’t forget the specialty desserts from the LIC kitchen!

On year three, I have to say, I think the world spills into Longbranch with exuberant goodwill and this festival will have long and lovely legs. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Mark Runions, with his “Build it and they will come” great idea, indeed, to thank everyone who works so hard to put this on.

Take Highway 16 west to the Purdy/302 exit…take a left at the lights to go across the Purdy Spit and follow the Key Pen Hwy to Longbranch. Be there…or be square…in a very round and beautiful world!

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Kim Thompson said...

Hi all!

I attended last year with my family. It's a really cool event with an awesome vibe. Good food, too!

Not sure if I am going this year (we have a new pup); but I highly encourage all of you to head to the Key Peninsula for a visit. You will not be disappointed.