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Friday, January 16, 2009

Holy Homeschool! Help Mama Gritizen!

I put a version of this post on own blog, but it's really better suited here, South Sound style.

Well, I guess I am a home school mom now. Actually, it's not a guess, it's a fact. And it's totally cool. It also wasn't planned or necessarily by choice, but rather sort fell in my lap. Of course when you think your life is going to go firmly one way it veers another (at least for me). But it's okay because life will be fresh and new and that's fine. How this got started is a long story, but a story that will have a happy ending.

So, I am new to this journey, like totally just born. Any ideas, thoughts, resource brainstorms or if you just wanna say good luck are all welcome!



Anonymous said...

Lots of field trips are in order!

Have fun...

Stephanie Frieze said...

My daughter-in-law Ana is investigating doing the home school thing because we think all day is too long for kindergarten. She's got my grandson in a home school PE class at the Y and is trying to meet other moms to get info. She found out about some online programs and I will get you the particulars when she's home. I also know that your school district has to support you, too.

One piece of advice that she got from a mom was not to over do the field trip thing, that it is easy to go overboard with that. My ex-sister-n-law has home schooled their son and he's way ahead of the children his age. Good luck, Kim and I'll be in touch.

Stephanie Frieze said...

Hey Kim, Ana says to check out It's free which is a good price.

Lorraine Hart said...

Your willingness to learn...makes you great teaching material Kim. It will be interesting to hear about and I know you'll do well. Congratulations...and an apple for the teacher!

Kim Thompson said...

And this is why I throw out issues in the 'hood, because I always get back great ideas, hope, and kind words.

And yet again, y'all didn't let me down!

Great site, Stephanie. Like it! And I agree with Ana, I think all day kindergarten is too much for some kids.