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Friday, January 16, 2009

Economy Woes

So I have decided to write about the current hot topic we all know so much about, yet a lot of us don’t quite understand.

Our economy blows. A little over five years ago I bought my house for $90,000. My husband and I were just starting out in our adult life with our adult purchases and all the other adult decisions that went along with it. Shortly after, a friend of ours also purchased a house. In just over two years we were told our houses were worth more than twice the amount we paid for them. So a lot of owners decided to sell their houses at these sky rocketed prices and make their quick bucks. I will admit I dabbled in the idea of that fad, but I also knew if I sold my home at this doubled price I would still be buying another home at the same over-marked cost. So we didn’t sell. We refinanced and paid off some debt. We didn’t take the full value we were told our house was worth. We had some common sense. Houses just don’t double in price over night. I am glad we didn’t fall into this fad. As of now our houses value has “dropped” immensely since we refinanced. Due to our decision not to go for more than we needed we do not own a home worth less than we are paying. I want to know who decided to mess with honest home owners and cause the sudden foreclosure crisis? It was not the owners. Was it the bankers that are now going through bankruptcy or the realtors that can no longer sell the houses on the market?

I remember working at a pawnshop about seven years ago. It was right across from a Shell Gas Station. My husband use to pick me up from work when he needed to fill up his truck. That gas station always had the best price in our area. I remember we were paying .99 cents a gallon at that station. Now we are racing to pay $1.89 a gallon when just a few months ago we HAD to pay around $4.00 a gallon because some higher power though it would be funny to stick it to us. Are you still laughing now? Our economy stinks like dog crap and everyone wants to leave it burning on your front porch. Who is to blame here? I watched a “community meeting” on television regarding the over -priced gas. You know what I saw? I saw a bunch of honest citizens looking desperate. “We can’t afford to fill our trucks.” The trucks that they thrive on to feed their families. I saw a few balding men sitting in front of these honest people sweating because they were taking the blame for their greedy bosses. Look what that greed has gotten us now. We can’t afford your gas. Many people can not afford to get to work. Thank you.

Tonight I was at a community meeting with fellow neighbors. We have been having burglary and drug crimes running rampant within a small block radius. I admit tonight I was a little late. So while I sat with the group the entire time I wondered, “When is the officer going to be here. I wanted to talk to him tonight.” Towards the middle of the meeting I found out where our Community Liaison Officer was. He was told he could no longer attend because the city could not afford the over-time. I looked around the room and I saw a room full of disappointment and defeat. Our CLO was our voice. If we had a problem we could talk to him personally. We felt as-if he was there to stand by us as we fought against the crime we are forced to live among. I felt my own disappointment. This was the second community group I have been a part of. The first one lost it’s funding. I lost my resourceful officer. When I first moved into my home I had drug dealing neighbors who loved throwing used condoms in my driveway. The same driveway I would walk down with my then 2 year old daughter. Do you know how it feels to watch your toddler nearly pick up someone’s used condom in your own driveway? I still haven’t gotten over it. At that time I found out about our communities meetings. I met an officer through it who did not stop fighting for us until those neighbors were gone. I will forever be grateful for his help. So I understand the defeat in my fellow neighbors eyes when we no longer have our CLO at our meetings. It is one thing to leave a message for him. It is something else when you can see him there next to you supporting you and helping our neighborhood clean itself up. We want our CLO with us. I think we should at least have that.

Donna Burwell
Lincoln West Safe Streets Group


Lorraine Hart said...

Can the neighbourhood pitch-in to pay the officer's overtime?

Anonymous said...

They are starting off by petitioning to the council. We were told that all of the CLO's were told they could no longer attend the meetings. So our CLO is not the only one.