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Monday, January 19, 2009

Bless You Sir

This is one of those moments in history I am so proud and pleased to be alive, to witness firsthand. With this moment, I believe America begins to leave behind its adolescence in our struggles, hope, and determination for the future of our entire world.

I think back to the days in this virtual neighbourhood, when Cheryl would post about meetings at Denny's to read "The Audacity of Hope" and discuss the man who will take the helm tomorrow. It was millions of people like her who have made history and redirected the river's flow. Thank you Cheryl; you are a neighbourhood hero.

Here in our little United Nations Neighbourhood, we've discussed...and sleeves-up debated at times. I have not seen this level of honest and deep discourse in forty years. We have worked our differences for a unity of purpose and, even in our deepest divides, we've found islands of common ground and respect for one another. We have kept it as real as....America! Along the journey, first judgements gave way to firm friendships and respect, despite our differences.

I am so excited to welcome a president who has struggled to find out who he is in this world, not just in this country. I'm excited to raise the bar on intelligence in leadership. I'm excited for all the broken barriers and the ones cracking. I'm excited for the dream that could become the world and for the work we all face to make it happen.

Bless you sir. May your heart, mind and soul walk in truth and service...for this country and for the world.


Kim Thompson said...

It is an exciting time. I am thrilled to be going home soon to celebrate aloha style. The pride and love of the Hawaiian people is strong for President Obama--I can wait to talk about when I get there.

JosephMcG said...

I remember wonderful conversations I have had over the years with friends from Hawaii... many saw and felt the pain of being excluded because of color and, at the same time, in word and deed, reached out to all of us... two wonderful college friends from Hawaii taught this shy, stumbling
young Black man... to dance... and helped me to become just a little bit more open and caring...
There is something in that Hawaiian air... and, now, it's time for us poor adolescents, to pick up the ball, in deed and word keep reaching out to the powerless among us and asking them how they see the world and how we can build together a better world...

it's good to be alive in the twenty first century

Stephanie Frieze said...

I am just giddy!!! My heart is soaring. I don't even have words to express the joy, hope and pride I feel.

Awesome picture, Lorraine.