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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Getting Out the Word: Lyme

Lorraine Hart has written extensively about her experience with chronic Lyme disease. She is my heroine. I am sure she’s her daughter’s heroine, too. Because of her tireless efforts to get the word out about how to protect loved ones from this insidious disease and how to seek treatment for those who have it, people’s lives will be saved.

Because of the upcoming screening of “Under Our Skin” to be held at Gig Harbor High School (instigated by Lorraine) I sent out an email to the staff there and discovered that Lyme has touched more lives that I would have thought.

Even if you think you’ve become educated about Lyme disease come to the screening. Email your friends, family and neighbors. For ride pools. If Lorraine could, she would knock on every door in Pierce County to help educate the public about a tiny bug that can devastate a life. Anyone can become a Lyme warrior and help stop the disease cold. Let’s help her by getting out the word that Lyme hurts. You may be surprised to discover that it has already touched the life of someone you know.


Mizu Sugimura said...

Lorraine Hart, the brave warrior for Lyme.
South Sound resident, crusader and heroine.
Tireless advocate, publicist and crusader.
Seeking a cure - one sooner than later.
A mother’s love for her stricken child
gave this worthwhile endeavor a start.
So the local effort is blessed by her smarts.
We support these efforts from near and afar.
"In Our Neighborhood" she’s a shining star.

Lorraine Hart said...

Not fair...making me get teary before I've had my first cuppa!

Thank you for your means the world to me and my family. Thank you for your lifts me up. Thank you to all the IYN Blogonias who (as Joseph says) keep it real...and keep writing.

Live to write...write to live!

Lorraine Hart said...

...And I always have to turn to my beloved daughter (an incredible woman) and salute her as my teacher about this disease, my Captain in the foxhole, my colleague and friend.

Kim Thompson said...

I, too, fight for my child every day (different issue, but the heart and soul of the matter are the same). Lorraine has taught me (as well as Mizu and Stephanie), that there are no limits to do what needs to be done. You go, you do, you help. Period.

Lorraine, we'll get this thing.

Lorraine Hart said...

Mothers are powerful advocates for their children, whether they're young or grown. None of us would wish others to join this club...but, if they need, we will welcome them with open arms. With each other to lean on, we can't fall down.

Emphyrio said...

Lorraine, is there any chance you could email the name and contact info for the Lyme-literate doctor in Vancouver BC, whom Anna mentioned in her KUOW interview?

We're looking for treatment in the area (We've been seeing Dr. Stricker in San Francisco, which is quite a journey), and we live not too far from Vancouver.

email is driftwoodfarm (at)

Many thanks.

Jo said...

A huge bouquet of imaginary flowers to both Lorraine and Stephanie; Lorraine, for bringing "Under Our Skin" to GHHS, and Stephanie, for emailing me the info so I could attend with her.
What a wealth of information is in that movie! The panel afterwards was so informative, also.

I can't thank you enough.

Lorraine Hart said...

Jo, it was great to meet you last night. Thank you so much for coming! I hope you'll join Stephanie on one of our "tea dates" sometime.

Stephanie and Kim, thank you both for your support and attendance at the screening; it meant the world to us.

Stephanie Frieze said...

I am very diappointed with the turnout at the screening, Lorraine. Perhaps people just didn't want to pay the toll on the bridge, but that doesn't explain Gig Harbor's poor turnout. I bought a copy of the movie and am showing it to everyone who will hold still long enough.