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Friday, February 27, 2009

Living Green in a Down Economy

KUOW's Ruby de Luna has been covering how people are living green in a down economy. Her interview with us aired yesterday and you can reach it here.


Kim Thompson said...


You did great! How cool!

Want eggs? I have two resources for farm fresh organic eggs at a decent price--not convenient for your location, but we can work something come spring.

You know, lots of our local organic farmers are offering Community share programs (my favorite is Terry's Berries in Puyallup). For those of us that kill plants (me) and those of us that can't garden for whatever reason, this is a viable option. Now I am lurker at the local farmer's markets, so I tend to go that way.

However, I am hoping (crossing fingers) that my friend Stephanie will give me gardening tips so I can use my small plot and not kill stuff.

Okay, yeah, I am hinting big, my friend, but hey, a girl can only try!

Stephanie Frieze said...

Yes, to eggs, Kim! Let's see if your friend can grow peas,please!

We already had a frame that was behind the garage when we bought the house 19 years ago. I had Dave make it deeper and get a load of organic topsoil from Erin Rockery here in GH. I was glad that Ruby lit a match under out backsides because peapods need to go in while it's still cool and Ana loves stir fry.