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Monday, February 16, 2009

Making Do in Hard Times

My husband frequently clips interesting articles and cartoons from newspapers and magazines. He generally leaves the cartoons on the refrigerator and the articles on the banister on the catwalk that runs between his den and our bedroom. Last night, because I was still awake when he came home from work he brought a little snippet from Time Magazine into the bedroom and placed it on my computer table. I was too engrossed in "Blazing Saddles" to pay close attention, but this morning took the time to check out the scrap he’d given me.

The little nugget that my husband had clipped from the magazine was a small sidebar of information on websites for penny pinchers like me. There were three listed with brief descriptions. is a group blog with the slogan “Living large on a small budget.” They share advice from their own lives and link to penny-conscious personal finance advice around the Web. centered on making the hard choices of finances. “Spend less than you make,” he writes, “save money for a rainy day; live debt-free.”

I’ve saved my favorite for last. When I arrived I went to the section on couponing. I’ve written before about my penchant for couponing and am always looking for tips to do better. If you’re new to couponing there’s a wealth of information that took me years to figure out and I suggest giving the tips a look-see. What got my spendthrift juices running was a link to organic coupons. It is hard to buy organic in these economic times and seldom are there coupons for organic products in the Sunday newspaper. I was excited to find links to print products from Organic Valley, Hain, Brown Cow, and many more.

Whether or not you are attempting to live organic or green during this recession, Frugal Living is well worth the time to see what tips they have for making those pennies scream.

Finally, we are preparing to put in a small Victory over the Recession Garden this year. Every year we’ve said we were going to do it and every year our tendency for procrastination has let another growing season slip away with the area behind our garage left barren. This year we have a stick poking us in the backside. On whim I answered an email from KUOW about a new feature of their website called “Insight.” Readers well know my predisposition for giving my opinion so I signed up and answered a few questions. When it came to the section about what we were doing to make it during the recession I mentioned our intention to put in a vegetable garden. Lo and behold I received a phone call from Ruby de Luna! Could she come and interview us while we put in our garden? Gulp. Time for us to put our money—er shovel—where our/my mouth was.

When I told my husband he rolled his eyes and said, “Now why would she want to do that? Does she know we don’t know what we’re doing?”

“Yes,” I said. "I think that’s kind of the point. She wants to get the sound of you building the garden boxes and me telling you what to do.” More eye rolling.

“When she coming?”


So we are off to get more lumber to make our garden box deeper. Stay tuned for an account with our brush with fame.


Lorraine Hart said...

Way to go Stephanie! I'll look forward to the updates.

Frugal Dad said...

Stephanie, thanks for mentioning my site! I'm curious, are you sure the snippet was from Time magazine? I knew my site appeared in The Week magazine, and I'm wondering if it made it in Time as well. Would love to hear from you for confirmation.


Mizu Sugimura said...

This is certainly another example of universal synchronicity don't you think? Also, Jason at thanks for being a resource.