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Sunday, February 1, 2009

South Sound, In Your FACE!

Well, in your Facebook that is!

And hey, with Facebook I resisted. I really did. I shall NOT do Facebook, I shall NOT do Facebook, I shall NOT do Facebook.

So, I joined.

And I love it. It's fun. It's easy. It's FREE. It's a quick way to keep in touch with friends and find old friends. However, one thing it can do is promote our lovely local businesses, causes, people, and places. Here's how.

You can search or have pop up Facebook groups to join or to become a "fan" of a certain entity, person, or place. For me personally, I have become a "fan" of Tacoma's fab, "The Hub" restaurant and Point Defiance Park. I joined a Tacoma lovers group, the Tacoma Vegetarians group, and a Wilson Rams Alumni group. I supported causes for Tacoma schools. All online, Facebook style. Easy. FREE. And you can see other names and/or profiles of other South Sound locals who dig the same groovy things you do! And you can easily click on these groups you've joined and get the latest and greatest information. And if you really ambitious, you can start your own thing. It's just a click away. What's even better is that my friends see all of my local ties on Facebook and they go check 'em out too. It's a wonderful way to highlight our community.

Readers, Bloggers, check out Facebook if you are so inclined. And, as an added bonus, I'd love your help brainstorming other local ties, passions, causes, places, and people that I could highlight using this medium.

Have fun and let your imagination soar!




JosephMcG said...

Come on, Kim, getting kind of on the edge on you... joining a lovers' group on facebook???
... tee hee...
I am faced book too...
Keep writing
Joseph McG

Kim Thompson said...


I'll look you up!

Anonymous said...

I love Facebook!