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Friday, September 19, 2008

Bastyr Campus Screening of Lyme Documentary Oct. 3rd

Here is a newly available excerpt of Under Our Skin, a brilliant documentary about Lyme and the Business of Medicine. Join us Oct. 3rd, 6p, at the Chapel on Bastyr Campus in Kenmore. Entry by donation. For details, please go to:


Stephanie Frieze said...

I'm glad this film is getting another airing, Lorraine, and would like there to be one in Pierce Co. Kenmore is a far piece from the GH Peninsula!

Kim Thompson said...

This documentary sounds brilliant. Through word of mouth, these forums, and the electronic community, this film will continue to go throughout our area.

It just will.

M. Sugimura said...

As I know (for a change) a handful of people in Kenmore, will be happy to spread the word.
Step by step, "Under Our Skin" can go around the world!

Lorraine Hart said...

I still do plan local screenings...and was happy to be able to put this 13-minute exerpt from the movie up in the neighbourhood. I'm slow...but I'll get there! Would love to talk to local schools's an education that saves lives.

My daughter Anna is going to be one of the patients on the panel for the Q&A at the Bastyr screening.

Thanks for helping get the word out in Kenmore, Mizu!

Everyone can ask their reps to support Federal Bill HR741. We're fighting to stem a plague much more present than West Nile.

Remember...tuck pants in socks, wear light coloured clothing and, if you can, DEET. Check each other and children. Talk to your family doctors and ask them to read further than the IDSA Guidelines, which are now under revision due to huge conflicts of interest within the fourteen-member panel. This is part of their plea-bargain that avoided a criminal investigation. Their denial of the chronic form of this disease...and their abuse of patients is, without a doubt, criminal.