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Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's Coming!

Autumn is almost here. The last vestiges of summer are still around, but you can feel them leaving. The days are cooler and the clouds are starting to fight the sun for dominance. The nights are a little cooler and the days are shorter. Green is giving way to red, yellow and eventually brown.

Here are some signs in my neighborhood that Fall is just around the corner.

The tops of some trees are staring to turn!

Some are already well on their way!

But you can still find a flower to smell!

Get out into your neighborhood and enjoy summer's last hurrah!



Lorraine Hart said...

Happy Equinox everyone!

Sweet pix vhuwhu.

Mizu Sugimura said...

A lovely interlude...

P.S. Nice coverage of your earlier blog over the weekend, ditto photo of yourself and "Bear".

JosephMcG said...

Let me see... no, it's clear, vw... all your pictures are wonderful... but the one with your granddaughter... beautifully beyond wonderful

Thank you

VW said...

Sorry I haven't been good about comment8ing and answering. Life is a little hectic and sometimes, I forget.

But thank you all for your kind words and know that I enjoy reading this blog. All of you are top notch!


Stephanie Frieze said...

Thank you for taking me on your walk, VW. I took some pictures of trees on the way home from the ocean a week and a half ago and just didn't get around to writing a blog about the start of Autumn. I greatly enjoyed yours!

Kim Thompson said...

This was fun.

Ah, summer fun fading into autumn fun. Posts like this make it totally okay!