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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wednesday Evenings Get Togethers...So Beautiful To Me

Wednesday nights… every Wednesday night for three years, I have joyfully passed two to three hours with couples in WorldWide Marriage Encounter. Those Wednesday nights have just bubbled over with teasing, laughing, deep, deep moments of silence as we talked about our sorrows and joys.
I have talked about the ups and downs of my life… about alcoholism and its impact on my family, about the ups and downs of my love life in college, the shock and anger I experienced when Dr. King and Robert Kennedy were assassinated, the joy and pride I felt as men and women I supported when they were in college went on to lead happy and successful lives---so many of them have chosen to share their time, money, and talents with people who have not had the chance to go to college (I am smiling right now just thinking about them!!!)

My friend, Martha, was courageous enough to sit and take this picture with me. She is one honest, sensitive, caring person and I just am so glad I know her.
The couples with whom I have spent so many wonderful Wednesday evenings have helped me to become a more thoughtful and confident human being. How? We have listened to each other, shared our feelings honestly and clearly, come to understand each other, and, as one of the fellows said a few weeks ago: “We are family now.”
Such wonderful words for me… an only child whose parents have gone on to God.

My greatest dream is that such sharing will, more and more, become the ordinary way that human beings who love God spend time with one another. I really want all of us to stop clicheing each other into Inanity Heaven, going on and on about work, sports, politics, crises and chaos, pleasantries and positive clichés (let me be honest one affirmation I say to myself every day---cliché it may be--- is “Every day in every way I am getting better and better.” )
A cliché a day do keep some grumblers away.
Wednesday evenings, after my time with the couples, I go home intellectually stimulated, emotionally replenished, and spiritually inspired. I think each one of us deserves, daily to feel that way.
What do you think? Please tell us about other occasions and processes you find which enrich your inner life.

Wednesday evenings...such beautiful moments for me... enjoy this Joe Cocker/Patti LaBelle duet (who is that yonder looking so cool... it's Dr. Bill Cosby teaching life school)


Stephanie Frieze said...

"All you need is love." The commitment to choose love over fear is what makes the world a better place. Thank you, Joseph, for sharing your Wednesday with me.

M. Sugimura said...

Re: picture with Martha. Truly a Kodak moment!