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Saturday, September 20, 2008

It Was An Affair To Remember...

Above: The time was this afternoon. The place was
Affairs - Cafe & Bakery in University Place, WA. And the occasion? Joseph McGowan sang it so much better than I'm able to do "In the Neighborhood" here at The News Tribune on-line on September 4, 2008.

And yes I'm afraid one of our bloggers is involved and let me warn you now it's a very big one! For more steamy details and a few more snapshots - one click is all it takes. Photo by Mizu Sugimura copyright 2008.


Lorraine Hart said...

Ooh-la...Kim knows how to throw a party alright! It was just wonderful to see everyone...and four generations of beautiful strong women in Kim's family. It was quite an honour to meet her grandmother...and always a joy to see her mum.

Wonderful to visit with BSS's (Blog Squad Sisters) and thank you to Stephanie for the car-pooling!

Kim Thompson said...

Oh Mizu! This is so wonderful. What a surprise! We got a new computer and I was unable to access the internet until now.

What a memorable and special day for me. I am happy and feel so loved. Ah, amazing life, amazing friends, and amazing family.

I'll pop over and give more comments on Liquid Muse.

Mizu Sugimura said...

Kim -

Visited your blog after a long spell away.

Was blown away by the full-strength adult dosage of hard driven, fun-loving, young, urban light saber welding persona from Grit City who posts there. Can't help but leave it invigorated.

I admire your seemingly boundless supply of energy, panache and style!

Mizu Sugimura said...

Lorraine -

Glad to see that you've recovered from the unexpected surprise you weathered so graciously at the affair. It's always a treat to get together and attempt to catch up
Any more pictures turn out?

Stephanie Frieze said...

Kim, thank you so much for the gift you gave us by allowing us to be a part of such a lovely Affair!

Kim Thompson said...

Mutual gifts all around, I'd say!

Hey, Mizu, thanks for visiting Gritty City Woman and getting a little dose of Vitamin K, grit style!

Lorraine Hart said...

Hey...did you know that K also stands for very necessary for a regularly pumping heart!