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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Kim

I want to start this birthday tribute by celebrating with everyone Kim Thompson's wonderful creativity. Here Is a quote from a recent post Kim wrote...

"The precursor was August 13th. I was due at Jo Emery Ballet School for ballet dance class that warm summer night. The outside air was perfect, the kids were actually occupied, hubby was home, the wine was crisp and cool and I couldn’t go. Hubby and I were talking. Without INTERRUPTION! I just wanted to plant my behind on a lawn chair and just BE. But I felt guilty not going. I felt like, 'God, I’ll miss out; what if I can’t go next week?' You know, there I sat anyway, and blissfully just chilled out. It was worth it."

Ah, the calm before the thunderstorm.

My notes on your wonderful piece of writing:

a. just enough descriptive words to give us a clear picture

b. fast moving... subject-verb-predicate...short sentence; longer sentence, and then (boom) a phrase that emphasizes exactly what needs to be emphasized

c. your content touches on what is important to so many of us... spouse, children, communication dynamics: Without INTERRUPTION are the moments that so many parents hunger for

d. I love the wonderful way you focus on food and drink and restaurants...
Talk about focusing on what we all can enjoy

e. And your sense of drama... I cannot begin to imagine a better line placed exactly where it should be
(Ah, the calm before the thunderstorm)... and thunderstorm instead of storm is just TOO COOL!!!

I happily celebrate your:


This sultry song is dedicated to you, your family, the blog squad, and everyone who
takes the time for a quiet chuckle and a smile today
from the Jr. Groaner... Joseph


Kim Thompson said...

Oh my, oh my!

Joseph, this is so loving and wonderful! I have literally had a horrendous 24 hours (long story) and this, this sweet piece of writing makes me feel cared about, worthwhile, and special. I really needed this, today of all days. The universe seems to scream at me when things are tough and when things are super beautiful, typically simultaneously. Ah, and I am so grateful for this because this my life and it's a good one.

Thank you so, so much.


In Your Neighborhood is a true neighborhood of all different kinds of folks, scattered about the finest community on the planet, coming together to chat, analyze, dream, create, and support. The great beauty of this neighborhood that it is a gentle loving place. I encourage all of you to start a conversation and/or join one.

For me, this forum has changed my life. All for the better.

Jaynie Jones said...

The best of birthday blessings for you, Kim!

Kim Thompson said...

Thanks so much, Jaynie!

M. Sugimura said...

Kim -

Certainly one to remember, eh?

Stephanie Frieze said...

A lovely birthday card, Joseph!

Allow me to add my birthday wishes, Kim! We are blessed to have you as a part of the Neighborhood and wish you many birthday blessings.

Kim Thompson said...

Thanks, ladies!

Yes, a very memorable occasion, indeed!

JosephMcG said...

Kim: it's party time...!!!!

Patty Cake said...


Happy Birthday! Sorry this is a late birthday wish!