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Friday, September 19, 2008

The Fair Is Still Not For Me (Sorry, Sorry, Head Bowed In Shame)

Oh, South Sound. I tried. Again. And while some stuff was cool, the rest well…. Sorry Puyallup Fair lovers. I still don’t like the Fair.

I have never liked the fair, even as a kid. I have bad allergies to animals and hay, rides scared me or made me sick, and I stunk at the games (my mom told me that I got furious when I couldn’t flip a dime and win an ashtray in the 70’s and my little brother could). And I didn’t like scones, elephant ears, or much of the fair food.

Fast forward to now. As a parent of two small kids, I’ve taken them to the fair. Sorry (again), but it was too hard, too crowded, too stressful, and too expensive. So we told the kids the fair wasn’t in Puyallup but in PENNSYLVANIA.

This year though, I relented. My dear friend,fellow blogger, and ultimate Fair lover and cheerleader, Patty and I were supposed to go together, but we couldn’t go.

So, after a rough, long week (long story), the family and I decided to give it a go on Sunday spontaneously. I tried to channel my inner Patty to love the fair. I tried, I really did.

First off, I didn’t eat. I don’t eat meat and well, that’s the bulk of the food. I found a couple of vegetarian options, but they looked totally gross. I didn’t want a big old pile of fries and I don’t like fair sweet treats. I am a freak for that, I know, I know.

The rides and the games were, er, interesting. First of all, we bought the wrong colored tickets for the games. In fact we bought LOTS of the wrong tickets. Then we didn’t understand that the Sky Ride was separate. We waited in long lines. My daughter insisted on the roller coaster. I went with her. The two of us agreed that we were done with the rides, basically forever.

Allergy meds taken, I fared well through the animal exhibits. I loved that. I also liked the Northwest Outdoors pavilion and I ended up having a delightful conversation with the Tahoma Audobon Society. I joined. My kids enjoyed the environmental and fishing stuff. We did too. It was free.

In fact, all the free stuff is what stuck with us even though we spent tons for the other things.

So, there I stand.

Okay, folks, I am ready. Go ahead and let the comments rip.


Stephanie Frieze said...

Kim, I had fun at the fair last year with my granddaughter, but she went with her mother's dad this year and we have no plans to go. I don't like the food, but seeing the animals is nice although I'd rather see them on a farm than in stalls. The produce is cool, but I'd rather be at a roadside stand buying them. The collections are interesting, but my husband has a Goofy collections and one of pigs that I can see in his den any time. I don't do rides. I would rather have a cup of tea with lovely ladies than go to the fair.

Kim Thompson said...

Hey, Stephanie.

Oh, be still my little heart. I am TOTALLY with you on this stuff.


Okay, let's see what happens next.


Anonymous said...

You are right...I always feel compelled to go and then when I do I end up sort of grossed out. I decided not to go this year. I just got back from France & the once again reminder of just how fat Americans are in comparison to Europeans is just too much to bear. I'll take some advice from the above and visit my sister at her organic farm to see the animals & buy some healthy food from the local farmers along the way.

Stephanie Frieze said...

That sounds like a wonderful plan. I'd love to sneak along in your pocket!

Lorraine Hart said...

Count me as another who would let poor Patty down!

Fairs have all my migraine triggers and none of my budget requirements.

Perhaps we need to make a support group here!

Good thing Patty has enough enthusiasm for all of us...and we LOVE PATTY!!

Mizu Sugimura said...

Does anyone know if Patty made it to the fair?

Kim Thompson said...

I know Patty's been sick recently, so I am not sure. I can't see her missing it!