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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

42nd Street, a Seaview Treasure

A Review from My Porch

One of the nicest treats anyone can give themselves while visiting the Long Beach Peninsula is dinner at the 42nd Street Café in Seaview. Whether it’s Sunday morning breakfast, a leisurely lunch or a special dinner, 42nd Street never fails to deliver a divine repast.

Last night my husband and I celebrated our 18th anniversary. Dave had asked me where I wanted to go to dinner. We considered several new restaurants on the Peninsula, but not wanting to risk a special occasion to chance in the end we decided to stick with a place we would be assured of elegant food and a warm welcome.

42nd Street Café has been in business in Seaview, WA for twenty years and offers the best of Northwest cuisine along with some traditional American offerings such as a half chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy which was right up our daughter’s alley. Dave had jambalaya with shrimp and chicken while I had the sesame encrusted sturgeon with Thai dipping sauce, steamed vegetables and rice. Their chocolate rum truffle cheese cake was the perfect anniversary dessert. In February my girlfriend and I celebrated our birthdays at 42nd Street and our dessert came with a roman candle in it!

42nd Street Café is a little Seaview treasure. During the holiday season they feature dinner with harp music. You can listen to Christmas carols while you dine on food that warms your heart as well as your tummy. Seating is limited so dinner reservations are recommended, especially if you’re visiting during one of the Peninsula’s many festivals. The service is excellent so if you are forced to wait for a table, the wait may not be long. Many are the times that we’ve taken grandma there for breakfast on Sunday and had only a wait of a few minutes before a table could be prepared.

If you plan a trip to the Long Beach Peninsula for the Kite Festival, the Rod Run or just winter storm watching, be sure to set aside at least one meal for the 42nd Street Café. Check out their menus. You won’t be sorry.


Kim Thompson said...

This place sounds really terrific!

Happy Anniversary, too!

Stephanie Frieze said...

Thank you, Kim. We were married at the church in Oysterville in 1990 and almost always celebrate our anniversary here since Dave takes his vacation at this time of the year.

Anonymous said...

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JosephMcG said...

Happy anniversay... glad you had a good time


Patty Cake said...

Happy Anniversary, Stephanie!
Our anniversary is in August as well. Your postings make me want to plan a trip to Long Beach!

How is Jake the Alligator Man?

Stephanie Frieze said...

Jake had a birthday party, Patty. I didn't go, but it was covered in the paper and must have been a big deal.

Lorraine Hart said...

Happy Anniversary Stephanie and Dave!

Mizu Sugimura said...

Happy Anniversary as well! Although we didn't get here last month (Blutto's instead), my girlfriend gave me her heads-up for this very establishment when we told her of our shock at finding The Ark closed.

Prior to this visit, we'd gone to The Ark for breakfast or lunch (can't remember it's been a while) but on this occasion the hubby was thinking of dinner only to find.....(play the music).

It's good to know that there is a place nearby to celebrate such a wonderful event. Our anniversary is next week - 31, but we'll be doing something in our locale. Hurrah for all those married in August!