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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tacoma Resources

I have a few resources that I have used and I believe I should share them with my neighborhood.
~With this website you are able to access many sources. Street lights(591-5287), Traffic Signals/signs, and Potholes. You can submit your complaints through the website. I have done this before and it does work.

Abandoned Autos
~591-5926 - With this number you can report abandoned autos in your neighborhood. It helps to have a description, location, and license plate number.

Tacoma Cares
~591-5001 – Also a source I use. With this number you can report a problem neighbors yard. It is anonymous, but please use with care. You will need the address and a reason for your complaint.

Non-Emergency Number
~798-4721 –Use this when the crime isn’t desperate.

Drug dealing neighbors
~I have dealt with drug dealing neighbors before. If you have this problem I suggest contacting your CLO and keeping a log of license plates and the cars they are on. Sharing that information with your CLO with help you rid you of your drug bad neighbor sooner.

~No one likes the idea of it happening, but unfortunately it does. I know from personal experience. I can only recommend a few things. It is always good to write down you serial numbers. It is great to have specific descriptions and even pictures. I think it is even better to buy a cheap engraver and engrave your items if possible. Pawn shops will take notice of such things. It is their job.

~I am going to tell you what I tell them. No! You don’t owe them any excuse of why you won’t give them money. Just say no. I am so sick of the panhandlers here. I have one that knocks on my door every so often. I always say no. Heck, call the non-emergency number and report them. Especially, if it is a man approaching females.


JosephMcG said...

Thanks for sharing your resources...

Anonymous said...

>>If you have this problem I suggest contacting your CLO<<

So let me ask the obvious question. What is a "CLO"? Acronyms are not useful in a blog like this.

Anonymous said...

Community Liasion Officer

Patty Cake said...

Great resources, Donna!