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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Seaview House Tour

I love the Long Beach Peninsula and I love old houses. The Long Beach Peninsula is one of the best places to enjoy gazing at houses of the past. Whenever my daughter-in-law Ana is here she always asks if we can go and look at houses. We are working to make our house beautiful, but have a long way to go. Lorraine mentioned enjoying virtual getaways through the travels of the Blog Squad so I took a morning to take pictures of some of my favorite houses on the Peninsula.

From the mouth of the Columbia River at Ilwaco to Oysterville at the Northern tip, the Long Beach Peninsula is a treasure trove of old Victorian houses and cottages. Perhaps my bias lays in the fact that I grew up spending summers in Seaview and thus am familiar with it, but I believe that more sweet houses are there than elsewhere. Most of these pictures were taken in Seaview. Another time I will drive up to Oysterville which is a snapshot of the past.

I love Doug Firs and Seaview is filled with houses and cottages tucked amongst ancient trees.

This house has a fence similar to what we are putting in. I want three of these arbors. I want a flag pole, too, where I can fly the American flag my father flew at his home.

Given my druthers I would have gone for a natural fence such as this. I like overgrown garden, which a British friend of mine calls a “stuffed garden.” The vinyl fence was my husband’s idea. If I plant enough flowers around it maybe it will fade to the background!

This is where the Republican family on the Long Beach Peninsula lives. I won’t say they are actually the only Republicans on the Peninsula, but while Obama and Gregoire signs abound, they have the only Rossi sign. He spoke there last week. My mother (who thinks she’s a Republican) jokes that Republican caucuses are held in a phone booth. Shows you what she knows. There are no phone booths here anymore.

For most of my life this has been my favorite house in the world. It has been the summer home of a Portland family for as long as I can remember and always been painted in these colors. I’ve never been inside.

This is my mother’s lifelong favorite. Most houses here have names and this one is the Sand Castle. When I was a child it was painted in primary colors and looked as if a giant child had built it and then gone off to play on the beach. It needs paint, but it is a constant fight against the elements and moss on the coast.

I love porches and this house has a dandy one.

This is the Shelburne Inn in Seaview. A very old hotel that was comfortably shabby in the 1970s was purchased by a local lad who spruced it up and added a gourmet restaurant and bar.

There is artwork in unexpected places.

And all in the interpretation.

This sweet cottage has pretty pink climbing roses along the roof line, but it was a gray day, as so many are, and the color of the baby pink roses looks faded. I like the starfish.

This tiny cottage has become my new favorite. Called the Shoe Box, it appears to have sprung from the ground.

I hope you’ve had a good time. Bye!


Lorraine Hart said...

Wonderful virtual tour Stephanie...thanks so much! I vote with you on your fave-rave...and I'd want that little round room up top all for myself!

I tried to post a comment here yesterday...but the trolls just laughed!

Old houses may take a bit more upkeep (like us!) but they have such character and personality. Now, if today's house builders would work with a feel for the old character...and with green technology, we'd be rockin'! Did you know they have roof shingles with solar panels in them now? Very cool.

Stephanie Frieze said...

I'm glad you liked my tour, Lorraine. We'll see something else, soon.

I have heard about the solar shingles and if we'd not re-roofed with Alaska 40 year/100 mph shingles (and after last year thank goodness!) 15 years ago we would definitely consider it. It is my dream to be off the grid.

Patty Cake said...

I LOVE Long Beach, Stephanie! it is my favorite place to visit in Washington State!

Mizu Sugimura said...

The last time I was in Long Beach I wanted to stop at one or two places where buoys of the kind shown in your picture were shown to get one or two as a souvenir.

My hubby didn't cooperate (his way I think of trying to discourage me from seaside outdoor decor). After 30 years of marriage I had a hunch when I first entertained the idea during a stop in Seaside on the same trip. So when I saw one at a second-hand sale for $2.00 I jumped. But I only have one...

Oh well, there's always next time.

Kim Thompson said...


Make sure that you keep this area alive in the fall and winter. Going to Long Beach during this time is actually pretty cool--you just have to be a little more prepared and hardier with the weather. Of course, the rates are cheaper, too.

I've enjoyed your tour, thoughts and feelings on this place you clearly love!


Anonymous said...

I am honored that you choose to call us 'The Republican Family' here. But I confess that I am a little taken back. This community is made up of many varied political people. It is true that we hold Republican events here- but we also hold community picnics, meetings, dinners and workshops.

I am also known as THE SEAVIEW DUNES PRESERVATION Activist. I work hard on all kinds of environmental protection projects. I serve on many nonprofit and government boards.I would love to give you a tour of the Chinook Historical Fish Hatchery where I work very hard preserving the watershed and salmon. As President of the Seaview Historical Preservation Society- I could tell you the history of many of the houses here- in fact- the first photo you show(with the trees) is the Campiche residence.Of course you know they own The Shelburne Inn. But you might not know that our house and The Depot was built by Charles Beaver in 1905-he is the guy who built The Shelburne.
I am also a board member of the Coastal Community Action Program- we are putting in wind turbines on the coast. They will be up and running by Fall 09 and the $$ are going for poverty fighting programs in Pacific and Grays Harbor County.

Please drop by sometime and meet us.I hope that you will then realize that we are more than 'Republican family'.

White Fences said...

Wonderful virtual tour Stephanie...thanks so much!

White Fences

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

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