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Friday, August 1, 2008

Local Anglers Catch the Wave of Summer Fishing

Feast your eyes on this beauty! My husband Rick and my son Justin caught this King Salmon near Point Defiance at 8:30 this morning. Caught in 250 feet of water (55 feet off the downrigger), this fish caught Captain Rick and First Mate Justin off guard. They were just about to wrap up their morning fishing, when they got this strike. Initially, Rick thought it was about maybe 12 pounds or so. But instead, it weighed in at just under 20 pounds! Tired (from the 4:30 AM wake up call to reeling in the Chinook), but excited, the duo hightailed it back to the crab pots near the mouth of the Puyallup River and also enjoyed the spoils of six wonderful Dungeness crab.

We’re gonna have a seafood party tonight! All right!


kinsmed said...

Thank you for sharing this!
You ARE sharing this, right?

Kim Thompson said...

Hey, Kinsmed! Good to see you.

I just had some of this salmon right off the grill. AMAZING. 'Nuff said.

We are smoking a bunch tomorrow. Some is getting frozen.

As far as sharing, I love sharing this stuff, but it goes FAST. And word travels FAST. This is pretty much spoken for. But, I am confident, fully confident, that we will have MORE.

Rick's off in the local derby tomorrow early morning. Two bad our fish didn't count TODAY.


Kim Thompson said...

Oh dear. Change "Two" to "Too." Blame it on the fish.

Kim Thompson said...

Okay, I just got laughed at (mercilessly I may add) for my incorrect spelling of Dungeness. I fixed it.

So, let's see who will be laughing when I pull in my derby worthy fish next!

And yes, that's a threat.

Kim out.

Stephanie Frieze said...

Tell your men, "Well done!" You know, my dad won second prize in a salmon derby once with a fish about that size. Enjoy the catch Thompsons!

Lorraine Hart said...

Man! If I hadn't turned off my computer early...I could've been at your door in thirty-five minutes!

You know I'm not much of a foodie...but's salmon! 'Nuff said.

Kim Thompson said...

Oh, man we had this stuff grilled last night and ate some fresh crab legs. What a feast!

Rick's got the boat out today with a friend to try the derby. I think they can pull it off!

Speaking of pulling it off, I am very proud of Justin--he got this thing in the net! It was really heavy and he did it.

Stephanie Frieze said...

Here's to hoping that the men in your life keep you well supplied with seafood, Kim!