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Thursday, August 7, 2008

$8.88 A Super Deal!

August 8, 2008 is a lucky date in several cultures. There have been several articles written recently of the large number of weddings being held on 8-08-08 and in China where 8 is considered a lucky number, the Olympics will begin at the 8th hour. The most unique idea yet is a Super Deal. Super 8 Motel is offering a terrific room rate of $8.88 to celebrate this unique date and the anniversary of thier company. The promotion begins on 8-08-08 at 8 PM EDT. There are only 800 rooms at the $8.88 rate available per night, so hurry and make your reservation! As you may know, Super 8 Motel offered a rate of $8.88 per night when they first opened in South Dakota in 1976. To find our more check their website at

What a unique way to celebrate America and the anniversary of a long standing company. Celebrate Eight! Celebrate Life!


Stephanie Frieze said...

And there's a Super 8 in Long Beach, folks!

M. Sugimura said...

This is a great deal. I used to wonder why they'd keep on calling it Super 8 or in the case of Motel 6 the same thing when the original low price was a thing of history.

Alright, I can see why they wouldn't change the name every time there was a rate hike for practical reasons but it would be far more honest to make the one change to say, the Former Six Dollar Motel.

If you recall, the entertainment world was willing to go along with this when a certain singer whose name is also the title of male royalty did in the already foggy years of the past.

But yeah for any savings in this awkward economic and highly inflationary time.

Stephanie Frieze said...

Yes, I'm sure that calling a motel the Super 80 would not be as attractive!

Kim Thompson said...

Cool post, Patty.

What a clever marketing idea too!

I wonder how many folks in Vegas will bet 8's on the roulette wheel or bet on the number 8 racing ponies?

Jaynie Jones said...

Patty, I had begun to wonder what become of you where you have been silent for so long. It's good to know that you are still around.

With the posting about the Super 8 Motel and comments also about Motel 6, it brought back a memory from the '70s.

I stayed at the Motel 6 in Fife one time when I still lived in Mountlake Terrace (north of Seattle), but I was filling-in for Chuck Bolland (morning news anchor) and since it was such an early starting time, I thought it best and safest to stay here in the Tacoma area to ensure that I would get to KTAC in time to do the morning news.

That was back in the days when the Motel 6 was literally $6 a night. Part of why it was able to keep its rates so low was that there were no phones in the rooms.

My first newscast was supposed to be at 6 a.m. I had taken along an alarm clock set for 4:30 a.m., but had apparently shut it off and fallen back asleep.

I awoke at 6:15 to frantic pounding on the door to my room, Room #16. It was the motel manager. He had received a phone call from the radio station urgently pleading with him to go to Room #16 and roust me out. That was a jolt awake I will forget!