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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Homeowners Beware!

Today my husband Matt Thompson, Business Manager of Roofers Local 153, would like to talk to all our neighbours in the South Sound area. As a roofing professional with 32 years of experience, he took great exception to an advertisement in yesterday's paper. Time for his say:

In The News Tribune (dated July 11, 2008) an advertisement by Guardian Roofing was placed on Page A5. In the advertisement several good points were brought out. Yes, you should always look out for BAD roofing contractors, who want nothing but your money. You should also be on the lookout for a GOOD roofing contractor, who does stand behind their agreement with you. No one could argue with that.

In this advertisement a website was posted (www/ to get a list of roofing contractors. To quote the ad, “Make sure your roofing company stands apart from the rest and delivers the best. Look for the ‘Recommended Roofer’ symbol before you select a roofing professional.” The problem with this website is that Guardian Roofing is the only company listed. If Guardian Roofing were looking out for the best interest of the public and you, the homeowner, you would have been directed to the Better Business Bureau, or the Dept of Labor & Industries websites. Both of these agencies will provide the information you seek. This is where to look for a reputable roofing contractor with a good working history.

In today’s economy and housing market, the roof over your head demands quality workmanship. If you want to know that you spent your money and time wisely, do your homework beforehand. The best way is to get several bids from various contractors. Ask them for previous homeowner referrals. Ask if the contractor has returned to fix problem areas after job completion. If your house just needs repair work, again, talk to those who have had repair work performed by the company in question. Ask about their employees. Ask about how they will treat your property. Ask all of the questions you want, after all it is your roof that you want to have replaced or repaired, and your money. If the roofing contractor is uncooperative and not willing to give you information, MOVE ON.

Hiring a professional roofer is not the same as hiring a roofing technician. A professional roofer takes pride in his workmanship. A non-reputable roofing contractor, looking for the quick buck, could overcharge you and not use the proper materials. If the contractor does not return to fix the problem, you now have to take them to Small Claims Court, providing you can contact them. Remember to investigate, ask questions and do not settle for the “GOOD DEAL,” promised in an advertisement like this.


Stephanie Frieze said...

Thank you for posting Matt's comments, Lorraine. It is so hard to hire contractors because it's like picking a pig in a poke without references from others. As the economy worsens there will probablly be more and more fly-by-night outfits that just want your money so this is a good reminder that there are unreputable people--even some who can afford ads--and that the buyer needs to beware.

Kim Thompson said...

This is excellent advice. Roofs are so critical in our region because of our weather--get it wrong, the project goes bad, yikes, that's a whole world of hurt!

JosephMcG said...

Thanks for the practical words of wisdom.

Lorraine Hart said...

My husband is passionate about his work...and this ad really got his goat!

....And let's hear it for union shops!

Stephanie Frieze said...

Yeah, Unions!

VW said...

We used Guardian awhile back ago after the December Wind storm blew most of our old roof off. They were recommended to us by people we trust and we very happy with the work they did. We had them reroof the house.

I can't speak for their advertising methods, but they did a good job for us.


Monique Snead said...

Thank you so much for this! These days, you should really be careful in choosing the best for your house. With regards to roofing, I think it's better to get the one that you've trusted for so long. It is also important that you get good roofers without spending too much. =]