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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Want to Blog the Puyallup?

Hello, bloggers. You'll rarely see me post in this space; this is your forum, not the TNT's!

But several of you came to mind as I launch our plans to bring back our Fair Blog next month. We're fishing for participants in the paper over the next several days:

"Want to be an Internet writer for us at the Puyallup Fair? For the second year, The News Tribune plans to blog the fair’s 17-day run in September, pointing out the sweet deals, making off-the-cuff observations and providing spontaneous reports on things to do and places to avoid. Interested? Drop an e-mail to or call her at 253-552-7058."

Let Melissa, our Puyallup beat reporter, know if you're interested -- or you can always query me. We'll have a secure computer set up at the fairgrounds. You'd have to commit to blogging a minimum of four times during a single day at the fair. (A second day could be negotiated!) We'll give you a free gate ticket and parking pass.

As the ol' theme song says: "You can blog it at a trot, you can blog it a gallop!" Or something like that.

* Matt Misterek, News Tribune team leader,

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