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Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Love Potion #9

In my neighborhood is a plethora of eateries and watering holes that range from the mundane to the exotic. My neighborhood is that section of 6th Ave between Sprague and Union and it is probably one of the best areas in Tacoma to live.

One of my more favorite eateries that also doubles as a watering hole is Engine House #9. EH9 also brews their own beer and I'm here to tell you, their ales are quite tasty. The wife and I walk over there a couple of times a month to enjoy a meal. I, of course, love to sample their liquid wares. The wife will take a taste of mine, but she 's not much for anything but water or maybe some iced tea on occasion.

All this summer, they've been featuring their seasonal brew they call Potion #9. I figure there's a few legalities that prohibit them from adding the word "love" to the title and it's not really a "love potion" anyway, but is is really good and I do love it.

I'm not any kind of connoisseur of beer. I don't know the difference between a cascade, a Hallertau or a fuggle when it comes to hops, but I know what I like. Whatever hops they use and whatever malted grains they use, it all comes together to make a very refreshing ale; very easy to drink and savor.

Everytime we go to EH9, I always enjoy a "mondo" pint (or two) with my meal and because we live about a quarter of a mile straight south of there on Pine Street, it's an easy walk there and back.

For those of you who live in more mundane neighborhoods, it's at 611 N. Pine Street, right around the corner from Masa.



Stephanie Frieze said...

^th Ave. is so cool! I will pass your post on to my husband, VW. He's been there and is always looking to try a new brew. Don't they sometimes have live music?

There's a little micro-brewry here on the Peninsula that's only open Th-Su and he likes going in there and have little samplers. I will be sure to mention Potion #9 at EH9to him. We live in the boring burbs, but Tacoma is only a hop, skip & a jump when we feel like we can stand an extra toll.

Kim Thompson said...

Yeah, 6th Ave. has the "IT" factor, for sure. Hey, have you tried the 6th Ave. Farmer's market yet?

We love it.