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Friday, August 15, 2008


A very special lady in Alaska has given me permission to share this email with you. I think it is honest, insightful, and inspiring. Enjoy!!!
Dear Friends, after leaving the gym tonight James and I went to buy milk. I met a lady named Rebecca in the grocery store tonight. She shared with me she was here because her Mom just died after a 2-year battle with cancer. She was elated to hear we had 9 kids, as she was one of 8. As we conversed we realized she was a nurse like me, and lives about 20 minutes from my Dad.

As the conversation went on I realized Jesus was using me as a vessel for her. I'm not sure what for but I know I was supposed to be there at that moment in time. We ended with her saying "God has a beautiful way of putting people in our lives, Thanks so much for talking with me". As I came home to do my preparation for some medical testing at Providence I had an overwhelming push to write these reflections about GOD OPPORTUNITIES! First, if you are able to read this God has allowed you another opportunity.
My question is: What will we do with this opportunity?

You know, we miss so much because we deal with circumstances instead of focusing on the author of our faith.

Do we really believe God?
Do we really believe His Word?
Do we really think He can and will do what He promises?

Can we rest in the fact that if He does not do anything else, He has done what no one else would do because He died for our sins and us?
Everyday He gives us breath and if we truly believe in God we are given another opportunity to be better for Him. As much as we think it may be, it is not about us. Yesterday, last week, last month, last year, and however long we have lived on this earth is now gone. We cannot do anything about that time but we can do something about the here and now.

Are you going through a hardship?, Are you being tested?, Is life beating you up?, Do you think living God's call is tough? Well you are in the perfect place for God to do what He does best, bring us out and use us for His purposes.
Personally, I have come to know and understand that we are always in one of these stages in our lives, going into the storm, coming through the storm or coming out of the storm. At these times we ask?
Who allowed the storm?, Who has weathered every storm?, Who is waiting on us to carry us during this time? Since we know the answer, why are we troubled? We are tools in His tool shed, His hands and feet on earth. Finally, whatever the day, hour, minute or second may bring, God is there with us, He has been there always carrying us when we could not carry ourselves. Jesus keeps His promises.

So dear friends, I ask you to welcome your test, grow in them, praise Him through them and triumph for the victory God will give you whenever the storms are over. Since we are God's children, we know without a doubt, if Jesus did not test our faith in Him we could never be a witness or give a testimony and our testimonies are seldom for us but for someone else God has put in your path. Your family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers in the grocery store are watching to see if your talk is lining up with your walk.

Jesus made each of us in His image so when we act Christ-like in our daily lives we might be the only “Jesus” for the person God sends our way.

In you go through life’s storms: smile, pray, praise, witness, worship and know "this too shall pass". You will be a stronger and better person for the Lord. He will equip you with what you need for His call. In Worldwide Marriage Encounter we say, "God does not call the qualified He qualifies the called." Be Blessed. Take advantage of your power and have a wonderful day in our Lord. I felt compelled by God to write this reflection. I guess someone needs this today!

Humbly in His Holy Grip, Shaharriet Houchins

James and Shaharriet Houchins, Anchorage, Alaska
2004 Alaska Parents of the Year
WWME Weekend and Team Pillar Leadership


Stephanie Frieze said...

Inspiring reflection, Joseph. Thank you for sharing it.

JosephMcG said...

Thanks, Stephanie. When I read Shaharriet's message, I had no choice but to read it over and over again. She comes from a very deep, true space inside of herself.
When I asked her to let me post it, she not only said yes, but rewrote it...
I celebrate with her and all other human beings that deep, deep place inside ourselves where we are connected by truth and love...


Lorraine Hart said...

I celebrate everyone's personal connection to Creation, even if I do not personally see God as a patriarch, made in our image.

JosephMcG said...

So do I, Lorraine. Words cannot even begin to touch what is real... living, dying, loving, being loved, ALL IS MYSTERY AND GIFT

Patty Cake said...

Thank you for your inspiring post! I too am waiting for my hardship to pass!

Praise God for a wonderful life!

M. Sugimura said...

You are so plugged into the moment on this one - a veritable power station!