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Monday, July 5, 2010

Street Fair part of Steilacoom's Old Fashioned 4th of July celebration

Perhaps due to the economy it seemed that more people stayed home in the local communities to celebrate the 4th of July instead of traveling out of the area.

The annual tradition of the Old Fashioned 4th of July festivities in Steilacoom saw a larger turnout than in years past and with a significantly larger number of food vendors, crafts for sale, and politicians (hopefully not for sale).

The parade featured everything from military units and marching bands to classic cars and the Steilacoom puppets making their tenth appearance in the parade.

Despite the blanket of clouds and a brisk breeze that kept flags flying, not a drop of rain fell. People were celebrating and enjoying the day from 7 a.m. setup onward, helping each other, reconnecting with old friends, and welcoming the opportunity to sample a variety of foods from the traditional to the unusual, all in a spirit of good fun.

One of the new vendors this year was Union Jacks "incredible British edibles with the wow factor" serving Jacket Potatoes (gigantic baked potatoes) loaded with toppings that were extraordinary.


Kim Thompson said...

Good post, Jaynie. I drove through the town to get the ferry to Anderson Island and the town was HOPPING! And it was so DECORATIVE too! How did the 4 mile fun run go? I'll bet there were more entrants than ever!

JosephMcG said...

LOVED the pictures Jaynie... and you got me all excited about getting out there and joining other folks in celebrating the wonders we live with

Jaynie Jones said...

Joseph, it was a grand day in every way.

Kim, all I can tell you about the run is that I know it took place, but during that time we were busily setting up our booth, and I don't know much more than that about it. However, with the weather cool and overcast it was probably ideal for the runners.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the day and the burgeoning crowd that developed by time for the parade at 1:00 was that so many people had brought their adorable dogs along for the day...everything from a Schnoodle to an absolutely adorable 8-week-old Golden Retriever puppy named "Maddy." I've posted all 101 of the pictures on my Facebook page. Here's the link to the album:!/album.php?aid=2040090&id=1503014161