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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hart, Smith Make For Sublime Summertime Memories in Vaughn, WA

Above: Darden Smith reaches for a glass of water during his evening performance last night on the Key Penninsula.
Copyright 2010 by Mizu M. Sugimura.

What do some of the folks who write on the "In Your Neighborhood" blog here at TNT do in their spare time? Kim Bennett Thompson, our ever active Gritty City Woman was spotted yesterday at Word & Music's simply enchanting evening featuring poetry by the Neighborhood's amazing, Lorraine Hart , and soothing sounds by the talented and personable night's Texan headliner, Darden Smith.

Above: Kim Bennett Thompson.

Smith, an all-around singer, composer, and musican who traveled up from the great state of Texas, is no stranger to the land of lumber, laptops and latte. He mentioned at least two of these products at several points in his equally sharp, mostly humorous and self-depreciating running commentary.
Above: Darden Smith, a Texan who truly appreciates a mug of Northwest Joe.
Photo by Mizu M. Sugimura.

To link with Darden Smith's website and details on his latest work click here.

Apparently Smith's performing skills are not limited to the stage and recording studio. In addition to at least eleven studio albums and CD's under his belt, he is a gifted teacher as well. Prior to his performance it was shared that was mentioned that many youthful converts had been made during prearranged workshops for area boys and girls sponsored just the day before.

Access information about Words and Music click here.

Above: Lorraine Hart.

The folks at Word & Music deserve many showers of accolades for carving out a cultural island of beauty and creativity and energy in the South Sound and Key Peninsula. And in an ideal world, it's the opinion of this writer whose first introduction to the group was also yesterday night, that every community ought to be as fortunate!

Above: And the setting sun played the very last notes of the day. Copyright 2010 by Mizu M. Sugimura


Lorraine Hart said...

Thank you so much for coming Mizu, and for writing about the event in stellar style! It was a pleasure to meet your son and call him friend. This article will be shared by Jerry, with Darden...who was an interesting and layered man. We didn't get home until 11:30! I guess Kim didn't get locked out, 'cos she didn't show up at my door!
Thanks again, for covering Key Culture!

Kim Thompson said...

Mizu you are FAST! As we agreed, I am going to do my take on this event too, but alas, I am pooped. This is a beautiful piece, Mizu (I even got to see my silly mug). I think you've captured the essence so well. I think I'll let Gritty City Woman do my talking on this event tonight! Watch for it!

Lorraine, I made it back to Longbranch but had a bit of a nightmare drive. I'll tell you girls later. All is okay, just weird.

Readers, the Key Peninsula is a place so rich with natural beauty in it's surroundings and its people. This is a community to explore and learn from.

Kim Thompson said...

Here's the gritty response. Enjoy!

Gigi said...

So sorry to have misses this event. Too many irons in the fire lately......

Great article and pics Mizu!

Kim Thompson said...

Gigi, I was looking for you there! Maybe I'll see you at Beyond the Borders?