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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Puget Sound Island Life is Good for You!

Want a little (or big!) taste of Washington State island life and an easygoing getaway close to home? If so, I’ve got just the right program for you and its name is Anderson Island.

Accessible by boat or a short ferry ride from Steilacoom, it is the southernmost island in the Puget Sound. Small, wildly scenic, and peaceful, this island sparkles with Puget Sound magic. Islanders/locals are kind and laid back and the nature, plus animal life, and marine landscape will take your breath away. Just on the ferry ride alone, stress simply melts. 


And speaking of “ah,” the August Inn, a longtime, established inn mere minutes from the ferry landing, helps you celebrate island life to the fullest. Situated right on the water with a truly spectacular and unobstructed view of Mount Rainier, you can watch the water gently lap the shore, sea birds soar in the sky, and  enjoy the beach which is rich with shells and sea life.  After you marvel at the property, the inn itself is so well appointed with three different options to make your stay just terrific. 

There are two suites (The Rainier and The Heron) that boast stunning views, with comfortable, luxurious and romantic settings. The Beachfront unit is the largest and has the same commanding views as the suites. It features two large bedrooms on the lower floor and a loft with darling twin brass beds and family room/den. The living room on the main floor is super comfortable and stylish with a nice indoor dining area that captures the view and a kitchen that features any kind of cooking and dining implement you could ever think of! My favorite part of the August Inn are the large decks with plenty of seating for all. It’s here that great conversation, quiet contemplations, or scrumptious picnics and wine tasting occur. Priceless. 

Speaking of priceless, during the mini-heat wave a couple of weeks ago, my family and I had the chance to stay in the Beachfront unit and it was fantastic. We got a perfect reprieve from the oppressive heat of the city with cool, soothing salt air breezes. We reveled in the slower pace and soaked in the explosion of nature surrounding us. I went for a run one morning along the country roads. Surrounded by tall trees, meadows of sweet daisies, a bright blue sky and shiny sun, and two bald eagles soaring gently above me, I got blissfully lost in the absolute quiet and peace of this scene. Being early enough in the morning, the sunrise blazed deep orange and salmon pink over the water. Serenity!  

And you can feel this way, too! 

Check out the links (noted above for Anderson Island and August Inn). Booking is easy, the ferries are plentiful, so go explore!  Bring friends or extended family and create your own affordable and easy getaway. Or bring your loved one and sip wine at sunset. Or come on your own to read, think, and relax. Any way you do it, you too can have island life in your own backyard. 


T said...

Here here on your expose regarding August Inn. I've stayed there a number times. It is simply Zen 24/7.

Kim Thompson said...

Hey there T! You're welcome! I am thrilled that you love the place--I do too obviously. You always feel good there, eh?

Lorraine Hart said...

Is the State paying you yet? You should head the tourism board!