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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sharing Family Stories

My family has a blog. It's a private blog and you need to know the user name and password in order to view it. The purpose of our family blog is to share stories of our family.

It's been up now for a couple of years and every so often, someone submits a story to be posted. My oldest younger sister and I are the ones who run it. The picture banner is taken from a wedding photo of my Mom and Dad. The blog is not on a Blogger platform, we pay for it, but Blogger has an option to create a private blog.

Our family is diverse and spread from Okinawa, Japan to Michigan. My children never really got a chance to interact with my parents. They were out here in WA and my parents lived in Michigan.

Mom passed away in 1989 and Dad passed just this last August. We got our Dad to write about some of his life and we posted it here. I still have a some things of his to post. Me and my three siblings have all shared stories as well. We do it for our children and grandchildren so that they might get a better sense of who they are and where they came from. It's away my part of the family can know my parents and my siblings' families and vice versa. All the family has access to it.

If I had thought about it, I would have recorded my dad's voice telling a story or two, but alas, I didn't think about it until after he was gone.

With the Holidays coming up and with many families spread out across the country and the world, this might be a way for you to share generational stories.



Stephanie Frieze said...

What a wonderful project you have there, VW! I, too, would love to have the sound of my father's voice recorded telling stories. Fortunately we have a few recordings from when he was interviewed by a Bellingham radio station many years ago. I'm hoping my son will put them on CD.

Lorraine Hart said...

My condolences on your dad's passing, Mike. You have always spoken so respectfully and lovingly about him.

A family blog sounds like a great way to keep the stories going.

Stephanie Frieze said...

Thank you so much for sharing your idea of a family blog, VW. I set one up and already have a cousin and aunt signed up and my aunt even put up a post. She is the last of my Frieze aunties so I am thrilled that we're getting her to participate.

Sharing stories about my family makes them alive once more. You are right about that being most important at the holidays for that is when I miss them most.

Mizu Sugimura said...

A fantastic idea!

VW said...

Thank you all for your kind words. Stephanie, Good luck with your family blog. I hope it turns out to be successful. I know everyone will enjoy it.