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Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Poverty Unit

For those of us who were raising families during the 1970s Oil Crisis and recession, the current economic crisis is like a trip down memory lane although maybe more frightening. Back then we learned how to make a penny scream from our parents and grandparents who had weathered the Great Depression which Grandma and Grandpa Frieze called Hard Times.

While mulling over how to make our pay checks reach the end of this month and have Thanksgiving, I wondered whether or not the young people who will be graduating from high school this year into the American economic recession and those who were raised in the more comfortable ‘90s will be able to cope. What real world skills do our educational institutions teach young people?

If you are interested in the lessons I learned from a special teacher, read on at The View From My Broom as I fly back to 1969--not quite as far as this picture.

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