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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Congratulations, President-Elect Obama!

Obviously, last night was historic. President-elect Obama will be the next President of the United States. And obviously , I'm disheartened. He won and I congratulate him. I am a loyal American and he will be my President.

Over the last several months, I've worked to defeat him. He is a Socialist and his admitted background would make him unqualified to hold a government security clearance.

However, he is my President, and my country comes first. But that does not mean I have to agree or support his positions. As a loyal American, it is my right to oppose the policies that I think are wrong for this country.

I will be a vocal critic. I will work to elect a Republican Congress to keep his Socialism in check. I will work to ensure that he serves only one term. I hope the Republicans left in the Senate will have enough sense and backbone to keep him in check.

Know this: As much as I will oppose him politically, I will not have any truck with ANYONE who wishes him harm. Do not cross that line.

Senator McCain ran a good race and he chose a worthy running mate in Sarah Palin.

Today is Obama's day, but tomorrow, we start working to elect his replacement in 2012.

God Bless President-elect Obama and God Bless America!

Country First!



Anonymous said...

I thought I was going to counter your argument that Obama is a socialist by quoting the old textbook definition of socialism: public ownership of property and the means of production without compensation to owners. Obama definitely does not agree with that.

However, I looked up a link on O'Reilly's web site that he said defined what conservatives means by socialism.

The Conservapedia site states that socialism, as it is now practiced in the world, is a political philosophy based on government action in support of liberty, equality and pursuit of happiness rather than protection of fundamental property rights. Among current socialist practices in the United States are such programs as unemployment compensation, defined benefit pensions for state employees, teachers and other public workers, universal health care, even if provided by private carriers, subsidized public transportation and redistribution of wealth in programs such as progressive income taxes instead of flat taxes and tax benefits for married couples or couples with children.

By this definition I guess I can't argue then that Obama is a socialist. However, I think the definition conservatives like O'Reilly are using would mean that our Declaration of Independence and out Constitution are basically socialist documents.


Stephanie Frieze said...

My beloved Conservative father was convinced that JFK, who broke barriers of his own and to whom Obama has been compared, was going to "lead the country down the road to socialism." Never before have so few had so much in this country as is the case now. If having affordable health care for all Americans and closing tax loopholes for the wealthy is socialism, I hope Obama is a socialist.

VW said...

First of all, this may surprise you but I don't listen to or watch Bill O'Oreilly. He and Olbermann are in the same category to me - brainless pitbulls.

Second of all, his mentors are Marxist and Marxists have little to do with the Constitution.

Wealth redistribution has never worked well anywhere and thee is no evidence it will work here. You cannot tax an economy into prosperity.

Remember, it was your side that said dissent is patriotic. :)

Had McCain won, how conciliatory would you be?


VW said...

His mentors = Obama's mentors

VW said...

His mentors = Obama's mentors

Stephanie Frieze said...

Had McCain won I would have been very interested in keeping him in good health.

Anonymous said...

vw, please clarify who you think Obama's mentors are. Are you talking about his Harvard Law School days, or people in the Senate of the US, or Abraham Lincoln or somebody else. It would be interesting to know who you think his mentors are and then why you think they are Marxists. Its so easy to throw these lines out. He is one of the most researched and vetted candidates we have ever had, and yet, only you have found about about his Marxist past?