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Sunday, November 2, 2008


I used to love Halloween as a kid and I still do. I know a lot of folks feel it isn't safe (It is if you do it right) or they can't be bothered (wonder if they had fun with it as a kid?) or perhaps some religious beliefs keep them from it. It seems there are less and less houses that participate in any case.

We always celebrate, and this year was no exception. We bought lots of candy and the kids got some costumes and we had a scary old time.

First, our neighbor Lisa and her daughter Coral stopped by to join up with us on our haunt through the neighborhood.

Two of the granddaughters, Lucy and YaYa, dressed as witches! They are stylishly scary!

Ben, Our autistic boy was trying to give us a scare!

Granddaughter Amy was Little Red Riding Hood. At two, she's scary enough without a costume. Amy has a nickname around here - "The Amy-nator". That girl doesn't dodge anything, she just braces for impact!

Lexie, YaYa's Mom, gets ready to sting me as I take her picture.

Off to prowl the streets!!

The scary little monsters hit the streets!

We get some royal beggers. Mrs. VW does the honors

Another Mother-Daughter team of trick or treaters!

From out of the smoky depths (or the steam from my breath) comes a li'l skeleton to haunt us!

And the scariest thing anyone saw that night.......

Keep going....


Hope you all had fun!


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Stephanie Frieze said...

Very cool, VW. Great special effects.

We had no trick or treaters at all this year. Usually we get two or three, but we left our daughter-in-law home to answer the door while my son took our grandson to the Proctor District. We went to see the Sonics. No, not the basketball team that left town. This was the rock 'n roll band from Tacoma in the 1960s. They appeared in concert in Seattle and my husband couldn't resist. Steve Van Zandt, of the E Street Band, sat in on three songs which was very cool. Since we got the tickets last summer before we realized how much trouble the entire country was in, this will be our last big entertainment until things turn around!