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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sending Love To The Rainbow Planet

This album cover was lovingly painted by Jim's wonderful partner, Janice Wagner.

Chances are, if you grew up around the South Sound and have had kids go through our local schools, you know a wonderful man from the Rainbow Planet named Jim Valley. He has spent years delighting and encouraging kids with music, not only here but throughout the world. In his song-writing workshops kids learn about their planet and each other with music and laughter and deep connections are made in growing minds.

Well, our friend and neighbour Jim has just had some surgery (which went very well, he assures me) on his throat and has to rest his lovely voice for a while to get strong again. I send him lots of love and good healing vibes...and thought perhaps folks in the neighbourhood would like to leave their good wishes for him here, where he can check-in for good cheer. Jim Valley has dealt-out so many smiles; let's give him some back for good medicine!

You rest easy at the Rainbow Planet Jim and get better fast. The kids are waiting!


JosephMcG said...

Jim: thank you for sharing your love and wisdom with so many... rest now, and you will have even more love to share very, very soon


Stephanie Frieze said...

We have enjoyed Jim Valley when he performed at Artondale while our youngest was a student there. Tell him we wish him a speedy recovery and thank you for all his years of making music for all of us!

Lorraine Hart said...

Everyone is telling him themselves...I sent him the link to check-in and pick up some lovin'!

Kisses, Rainbow Planet Man. Lox